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The Root of Joy is Gratefulness

HeartBreak and Outrage

On Vulnerability

Three Obesity Types

Dieting is So Much Harder than it Looks.

You Are Allowed.

Unrealistic Expectations - False Hope Syndrome

Dreams Do NOT Always Come True

Healthism: the modern religion

Why Is This Happening? - October 2017

Summer Experiment 2017

You Don't Understand & I Can't Explain

Calorie Restriction = Calorie Restriction.

My Own Experience, Observations, & Research indicate …

Current Diet Guidelines

Is it a Plateau?

Status Update - June 2017

No One-Size-Fits-All Diet Journey

Fasting is No Better For You Than Regular Calorie Restriction - new Scientific Study

Binge = Response to Starvation

Happily Ever After & Neuroscience

Status Update - February 2017

Eating Toward Immortality

Learning Experience

Balancing Values

Weight-Loss Alternative Facts

Election Stress

A Fork in the Road


Train of Thought

Rule or Principle? - Internal vs. External Control

Intermittent Fasting & the Dangling Carrot - Diet Review

Making a Diet (or Way-of-Eating or Lifestyle Change) into a Religion

Good Food, Bad Food

That Lost Weight? The Body Finds it.

Habits are the Solution, Not the Problem

Diet Books are Full of Lies

Inner Voice

Intermittent Fasting via 5-Bites

Projections about the Rate of Weight-Loss

Experimenting with Subtraction

How Big Pharma Lies to Us

Review of the Three Principle Concept - Diet Review

Body of Truth - Book Review

Effortless Change

Fasting and Hunger

Let Me Tell You

End of the Line

What Others Think of You Doesn't Matter.

About Giving Advice to Fat People

Your Thoughts and Feelings are Not About Anything

DietHobby & The Three Principles

Cravings +

The Inside-Out Revolution - Book Review

The Real Deal on Maintenance After a Large Weight-Loss

Why Do Dieters Regain Their Lost Weight?

Biological Adaptations that Promote Weight Regain

Failed Diets and Current Maintenance Status

Recommendation for Tiny Meal Portions - very low calorie eating

Crap Overload


Created by Me

Is it REALLY up to me?

Acceptance - AA Big Book, page 417

Impossible, Risky, Pointless? ... Try it.

The Dolly Diet - Diet Review

Time for a Reality Check

Illusion or Fantasy vs. Reality

The Diet Fix, Why Diets Fail, How to Make Yours Work - Book Review

Diet Fix - Book Review

How Fast...How Much...Weight Lost After Gastric Bypass?

No Rescue Needed

Hate to Exercise?

Maintenance Status Report - January 2014

Would it be Easier to be Thin?


Wisdom from a Lifetime of Experiences

Real Food

It's not ME, It's YOU


Designed to show a False Result? - Research Project of Gary Taubes / NUSI

Conflicting Desires

Is it the Diet, or the Person, Who Fails?

Biggest Loser, an example of televised exercise fraud

Running DOWN the UP Escalator - Weight Loss & Maintenance

Summer of 68

Weight Management - A Rubber Band

DietHobby, my Digital Scrapbook

Calories: Males vs. Females

If it Involves Eating, It's a Diet

Stop When You're Full? - Intutive Eating 3 - Diet Review

Eat When You're Hungry? - Intuitive Eating 2 - Diet Review

Does the Body Tell Us WHAT food to eat? - Intutive Eating 1 - Diet Review

More on Intermittent Fasting

No Cure

WheatBelly - Another Review

Appreciate What You Have

Research Study regarding Obesity Myths

We Are Going to Die.

What is Hunger?

Eat Healthy or Lose Weight?

Give it a try

Why We Diet

The End of 2012

Keeping the Weight Off

Health Experts

What To Do?

One-Size-Fits-All ... Not!

The Chubby Side of Normal

The Fat Trap

History of the USDA Food Pyramid

Afraid To Do Things Wrong?

Conflicting Views: Reviews of Diets and Books

The Fast-5 Diet - Diet Review

More About Starvation Mode

A Sustainable Alternative

The 5 Bite Diet - Diet Review

A New Perspective

Obesity and Choice

A Reflection on Dieting Style

What If?

Cutting Carbs? or Cutting Calories?

Walk a Mile in MY Shoes

The Common Ground to Success

Brain Over Binge - Book Review

Binge Avoidance + Adaptive Thermogenesis

Realities of Weight-Loss Maintenance

Running and Exercise Abuse

Eat Less Move More?

I'm not a Guru

A Fresh Start?

Food Restrictions?


The Path to Thinness and Health

Wisdom Takes Effort

Back to Work

Choosing a Positive Focus


Bad Examples

Choosing My Attitude

Low-Carb Experimentation - Diet Review

Power of Visualization

When you've Got to Go.

The Fat Trap

Holiday Season 2011

Intuitive Eating and the No S Diet


Positive Power

Hunger After Weight-Loss

Does Life Get in the Way?

The Two Parts of Wisdom

We Deserve Love

Processed Foods Are Powerful

Slipping in Maintenance

Body Image

Hunger, Appetite, and Cravings

Be Kind to Yourself

Is Bingeing an Eating Disorder?


Finish each day and be done with it.

Work, Love, Dance


Monday Morning

Three Myths

How Often Should We Eat?


Ride Out The Wave

Judging Myself

Intermitting Fasting Success


Off-Line Data Storage



Blame It On The Puritans



Naturally Thin

The Power to Change

Concepts of Intuitive Eating - Diet Review

Positive Thinking

Nobody's Perfect

Calorie Accountability

Experimenting with Diets

Food Addiction

Meal Frequency - How Often Should I Eat?

Diet Books and Reviews

Weight Loss Surgery - 18 Years Ago

Update on Low-Carb Experiment-of-One

Some Things Take Time

Video Shoot

Dedicated, not Obsessed

A DietHobby Benefit - Book and Diet Reviews

Happy Valentine's Day

An Experiment of One

Taubes - Chapter 19 - Following Through

Taubes - Chapter 18 - Nature of a Healthy Diet

Taubes - Chapter 15 - Why Diets Succeed and Fail

Taubes - Chapter 14 - Injustice Collecting

Taubes - Chapter 13 - What We Can Do

Taubes - Chapter 12 - Why I Get Fat and You Don't (or Vice Versa)

Taubes - Chapter 11 - Primer on Regulation of Fat

Taubes - Chapter 10 - History of Lipophilia

Taubes - Chapter 08 - Head Cases

Taubes - Chapter 07 - Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 2

Taubes - Chapter 04 - Twenty Calories a Day

Taubes - Chapter 03 - Elusive Benefits of Exercise

Taubes - Chapter 02 - Elusive Benefits of Undereating

Taubes - Chapter 01 - Why Were They Fat?

Taubes - Author's Note

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DietHobby is a Digital Scrapbook of my personal experience in weight-loss-and-maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all. Every diet works for Someone, but no diet works for Everyone.
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Mar 01, 2020
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook.
2000+ Blogs and 500+ Videos in DietHobby reflect my personal experience in weight-loss and maintenance. One-size-doesn't-fit-all, and I address many ways-of-eating whenever they become interesting or applicable to me.

Jun 01, 2019
DietHobby is my Personal Blog Website.
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May 01, 2017
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