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Diet Experts & My Opinion
- POSTED ON: Sep 28, 2016


I’ve grown weary of the opinions that are stated by all of the various Diet Experts… including those who are in the medical profession.  Every single one of them has some type of personal marketing agenda which is designed to provide THEM with money or recognition or both. They want to Help Themselves, by getting me to believe and accept their claim that following their advice will help ME.

To make myself clear, when I say,  “Weary”, I mean:

burnt-out, done-in, fatigued, played-out, spent, tapped-out, tired, wiped-out, worn-out, bored, fed-up, jaded, sick-and-tired, glutted, apathetic, demoralized, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, drained, exhausted, annoyed, exasperated, frustrated, irritated, disgusted, and repulsed.

I’m weary of what Diet Experts tell me.  Things like: 

  • Eat more food.
  • Ignore Calories.
  • Fast intermittently. Cycle periods of fasting with periods of eating.
  • Follow a carefully timed eating schedule.
  • Lose all the weight you want fast, fast, fast.
  • It worked for me.  It will work for you.
  • Thousands of my patients are proof my plan works.
  • Lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • Lose up to 40 pounds in 2 months.

Often “diet experts” want us to believe there are no restrictions on foods you can eat on their plan.  But, there is always a “but”.  For their plan to work, …. at least some of the time … we must omit, avoid or restrict at least one of the following:

  • Fats
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates

Diet experts start with claims that appear reasonable, and possibly correct, but then, unsatisfied with simple, basic, and verifiable truths, those “experts” then go on to spout additional information which is based solely on their own individual Pseudo Science beliefs. Even the most knowledgeable medical diet expert tends to express opinions which are ... at the most ... only about 80% Fact, with the remaining 20% merely Guesswork based on wishful thinking.

Today, diet creators claim that their plan “has the science supporting it.&rdquo...

Dieting: The Alternative
- POSTED ON: Sep 21, 2016

There is an Alternative to Dieting.

Essentially, It is:  Stop Dieting. Stop trying to lose weight.  Start understanding that dieting is NOT a solution in that it’s very unlikely to make you thin for longer than 2-5 years at the very most - and actually, it’s much more likely you’ll end up heavier than where you started.  .. and begin relying on your Internal Wisdom. 

There’s plenty of Marketing for this Alternative, and a hefty hourly fee… will get you help in the form of individual online contact, from one of a multitude of “dubiously licensed online counselors”  who charge about the same hourly rates as the professional Therapists and Psychologists who are licensed through State, Federal, or National medically-recognized agencies. 

Will this Alternative result in getting you Thin or to a “Normal” BMI weight?
Perhaps…. If your body is already in the “normal” or “overweight” range and has always been there. However, if your body has ever been well inside the “Obesity” BMI weight range for more than one or two years,
it is Extremely unlikely.

For almost everyone, what happens is that a “successful” implementation of this alternative process will result in your body weight returning to, and settling at, its highest individual Set Point. For more information on that future probability read these articles: 
Set Point, and Running Down the Up Escalator.

Here's the Bottom line.

Below is an article in support of the Alternative to Dieting.

Why You Think About Food Day and Night & What to Do About It.
                      by Vania Phitidis of Peaceful Eating.

"Do you think about food first thing in the morning and last thing at night (and about a million times in between)?

Do you wake up worrying if you’ll be able to control your intake,  go to bed at night evaluating your day and judging yourself based on how you managed your eating – and then making promises about how you’ll eat tomorrow?

Do you perpetually feel guilty for eati...

What is Normal?
- POSTED ON: Sep 19, 2016


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