Eating Boundaries - New Experiment
- POSTED ON: Jul 21, 2015


My 3 Principles investigation is still ongoing, however, today I am setting some new eating boundaries for myself ... which means I'm starting another new-diet-experiment-of-one. 

I'm not ready to share specific details of my own personal plan, but it is based on the information and recommendations provided by the Canadian kidney doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, at www. Intensive Dietary Management.

My current experiment will be different than any diet that I've previously tried, although (of course) many built-in similarities do exist between this specific diet experiment and some of my past diet experiments.

I will be continuing with my practice not to share details about a diet experiment while it is still ongoing.  So, why even share this much? Because I want to, and since this is my own personal Blog, I can.


When's my Break?
- POSTED ON: Jul 21, 2014




Impossible, Risky, Pointless? ... Try it.
- POSTED ON: Jun 25, 2014

At present, I am involved in one of my ongoing Diet Experiments. The picture above describes how I'm feeling about that experiment this morning. Generally I choose not to discuss the details of any personal diet experiment here at DietHobby while that experiment is still ongoing.

After a diet experiment has ended, I spend time thinking about it, re-analyzing my data, and thinking about it some more. I usually reach some personal conclusions about that particular diet. Sometimes I share these conclusions here at DietHobby, and sometimes I do not.

Anyone can learn a great deal about me, personally, by reading DietHobby's ABOUT ME section; my F.A.Q.s; and looking at my Photo Gallery, all of which are found under the RESOURCES heading.

Treating Dieting as a Hobby is a way-of-life for me, but DietHobby isn't my "personal journal". DietHobby is a Scrapbook that I'm continually creating, made up of pictures, and videos, and ideas of others that I find interesting, together with some of my personal viewpoints.

DietHobby's ARCHIVES contain many timeless articles that provide me with ongoing inspiration. I'm always going back to read something that I posted months or years ago, and often, I learn something new, or re-learn something that slipped my mind.
I've made over 300 personal videos,
involving recipes, inspiration, and information.   All of these can easily be seen here in DietHobby. I've also shared a great many videos made by others here in DietHobby. These are categorized and placed at different locations here in DietHobby, however, an easy way to see all of what exists is by going to Videos, under the RESOURCES heading.

The Books & Tools section is limited to only those that I find extremely interesting, helpful, or unusual. Both of these are also found under the RESOU...

Cut the Rope
- POSTED ON: May 28, 2014


Retaining Food
- POSTED ON: May 20, 2014



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