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Patience Defined
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My Problems
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Endurance is the ability to do something difficult for a long time.
                Lie: A diet is temporary
Believing this lie is the biggest mistake that obese people make.

Obese people convince themselves that they will change their eating BEHAVIORS for a relatively short period of time, … until they see the weight RESULTS they want.  The truth is that changing one’s diet must be a permanent and ongoing activity. It takes just as much, or more, effort to keep lost weight off, as it does to lose that weight initially.

A Marathon isn’t just a 26 mile race.  The definition of “Marathon” includes ANY endurance contest, ANY activity that is characterized by great length or concentrated effort. The length of a diet Marathon is “for the rest of one’s life”.

The dieting Marathon doesn’t end when one reaches “goal” weight, because as soon as the desired weight-goal number appears, the task of maintenance begins. Maintenance of weight-loss requires continual, permanent, ongoing effort.  The “Finish Line” is crossed at death.

The “health and wellness” marketing industry publicizes the Lie, and actively works to conceal this unpopular truth.  However, that Truth continues to exist, and it is visible to anyone who chooses to look beyond the B.S. mirage and examine the actual facts that exist in reality.

For a better understanding, see: Running Down the Up Escalator.

What did

one skeleton

say to

the other?








Reality Bites
- POSTED ON: Jul 01, 2017

For obese or reduced-obese people, weight-loss or maintenance of weight-loss takes an ongoing Awareness of their eating Behaviors and the Results of those eating Behaviors.

It requires consistently following SOME METHOD of conscious eating Behavior that restricts calories to an amount which is the same-or-less as the amount used by that individual body....

....Together with a consistent and precise METHOD of measuring the ongoing weight Results of that eating Behavior. 

Here, the “rose” represents a thin or normal-sized body.

The “thorn” is restricted calorie eating (Behavior),
and a scale or other measuring tool (Result).

Obese or reduced-obese people who are not courageous enough to “grasp the thorn” need to abandon their desire for the “rose”, which is a thin or normal-sized body.

Reality, take it or leave it,

But I won’t be joining those who choose to spend their lives in the Forest waiting for the Unicorns to appear.



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