- POSTED ON: Nov 05, 2016


Technical Help - Seeing - Words of Wisdom
- POSTED ON: Sep 30, 2016


An automatic e-mail gets sent to the DietHobby viewers who have requested notice of new blogs whenever I post one.  However, I've recently noticed that all of these e-mails contain a link which brings the viewer to this Main Blog Page. This only becomes a problem when I'm adding new blogs that contain videos DIRECTLY to the Special Sections, which are:

  • Book Talk;
  • Diet Wisdom;
  • Grandma's House;
  • Recipes;
  • Words of Wisdom

The Headers at the Top of DietHobby will take you direction to each of these sections. So, if you get an e-mail notice about a new blog, and don't see it here on the Main Page, it will be because I've posted it directly to one of these special sections.

This technical glitch came to my attention because right now, about once a day, I'm adding one of my short "Words of Wisdom" videos (each of which are about 20 seconds long), into the INDIVIDUAL Words of Wisdom Section. This generates an e-mail to the Main Blog, but there is no new blog shown on that main page.  I'm thinking that this might be a bit confusing, which is the reason for THIS Blog of Explanation.

I've got a lot more of these brief Words of Wisdom videos to add this next few months, so if this is a problem for you in the future, and you'd like to see the "missing" blog post, just go to the Words of Wisdom individual video section, and you will see it.  I've decided that when I MAKE and post any brand new Blogs for Recipes or Book Talk, that I'll post an additional notice on the Main Blog page, so they'll be easy to find.

Below is another copy of the Words of Wisdom video that I posted earlier today on the INDIVIDUAL videos page in the WORDS of WISDOM section.


Fear Nothing
- POSTED ON: Sep 27, 2016



The word: NO
- POSTED ON: Sep 17, 2016


Follow Your Heart
- POSTED ON: Sep 12, 2016


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