The Results are Not So Good
- POSTED ON: Jul 18, 2015


A Sad Truth
- POSTED ON: Sep 23, 2014


The Dolly Diet - A Diet Review
- POSTED ON: Jun 22, 2014

As part of my Dieting Hobby, I've studied a great many diets, and experimented with some of them.  I enjoy learning about the different ways that people handle their food issues. 

Some of these ways appeal to me personally, and some of them do not, but what they've all taught me is that there is no One-Right-Way-To-Eat that will guarantee weight-loss or maintenance of weight-loss for everyone. I've found that "Every Diet works for Someone, but No Diet works for Everyone". 

Every diet was created by someone, usually these "someones" follow the diet themselves with personal weight-loss success, and then begin sharing their diet plan with others.  Often this diet guru is a nutritionist, or medical doctor, or psychologist, or trainer, or celebrity. They write a book about the diet they've created. It gets published, and then publicized … which is how we normally learn about that specific diet.

The creation of a diet usually involves the following process. 

  • the Diet Creator begins by taking responsibility for his/her weight.

  • the Diet Creator trusts him/herself and finds the solution within, rather than relying on another's "diet".

  • the Diet Creator gives him/herself permission to do what is personally necessary, despite the opinions of others.

  • As a result of these steps, the Diet Creator discovers his/her own unique way of eating and/or exercise that leads to successful weight-loss.

I'm always interested in what makes a diet work for its Creator, and for the others who follow it.
Although the styles of eating vary between individual diets, each one of these involves EATING LESS in a way that keeps the Diet Creator from feeling deprived.

The Dolly Diet is an example of this process. Dolly Parton was the Creator of The Dolly Diet, and she shared this diet inside her autobiography, Dolly, My Life and Other Unfinished Business, (1994) by Dolly Parton.

In this book, after sharing a bit about her struggles to get and keep her weight down, Dolly Parton talks about her creation of wh...

Freedom of Choice
- POSTED ON: Jun 20, 2014

The freedom of thought, conscience and opinion are subject to no real restriction.  Each and every person is free to think what he or she likes without fear of outside interference, so long as his or her opinions remain private.

Freedom of choice describes a person's opportunity and autonomy to select an action from at least two available options, without being limited or restricted by others.

The freedom to make our own choices is a very important issue in our society.  Every day, each of us chooses to do the things that we do, unless we are in a situation where we have been stripped of our freedom, and then we must do as those who have control over us command us to do. This would be the case of those in prison
or those who are enslaved by force in repressive societies. Even in those circumstances people still have freedom to make certain limited choices.  For example, one can choose what kind of attitude and response to have toward one's oppressors.

Individual freedom of choice can sometimes be restricted through social control. 
Social control refers to the way that society or government regulates individual and group behavior in order to get people to conform and comply with its specific rules.

One form of social control is the internalization of norms and values by a process known as socialization.  People learn social values through exposure to society's customs, norms, and mores.  Marketing and advertising industries have become very influential in establishing social values. Society uses shame, ridicule, sarcasm, criticism, and disapproval to punish individuals for behavior that it considers unacceptable.

The other form of social control is through external sanctions enforced by government to regulate society.

We live in a culture that tells us that our bodies are not good enough and never will be, but this does not dissolve our individual freedom of choice. 

No person or entity has the right to intervene in the most basic and private aspects of the adult lives of others.

In a free society, people are entitled to live their personal lives as they deem fit, absent clear and direct harm to others

It is important to respect the private choices of individuals and to respect their...

Looking at a Fat Person
- POSTED ON: Jun 14, 2014

That's it.

Looking at a Fat Person tells us the person is Fat.




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