A Fork in the Road
- POSTED ON: Sep 11, 2016


As we physically travel from one place to another, we walk or drive on roads or paths or trails.  When doing this we have the capability of retracing our steps and going a different way because, generally, the surface of the roads or paths or trails are hard and fixed, and most of the time, they don’t really change that much.

However, there is another type of travel through life which is based on the life choices we make. Once a choice is made, we can’t just retrace our path and start over again because the circumstances and the people who are involved have changed.

Once words have been said, and lives affected, things can never return back to the original form. Things might be neutral BEFORE the choice, but AFTER the choice there will never again be neutral ground involving that particular choice.

I look back over my life and remember the different forks in the road that I have encountered. My choices have all worked together to bring me right here, right now, to who and what and where I am today.

There’s no point in wasting time and energy longing for some previous time or place, or believing that I can recapture past feelings or experiences by returning to some prior place.
It’s important to enjoy the journey wherever I am, because things change.
When I find myself at a fork in the road, I evaluate the options and how they will affect my principles and values. Each of us has a set of values that define who we are. If one option requires me to compromise my own personal values, no matter how lucrative it might seem to be, it will not be worth the price.

Does the choice feel right deep down inside? 
If it doesn’t feel right, I can’t force it to be right.

I get input from others that have traveled a similar road. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Learning things from others can help me make a wiser decision, so I get as much information and knowledge as I can before taking steps forward.

Once I’ve made a firm decision, I go forward working to focus my energy onto the new path and the new tasks it involves. I try to eliminate “second-guessing” myself, because doubts will only dilute my efforts.
Life is continually changing. We acquire new knowledge and understanding all throughout our journey. After making a choice and traveling on that specific road for a while, if I feel a need to re-evaluate, that means I have come to another fork in my road....

Content Review & Directory to DietHobby
- POSTED ON: Sep 10, 2016


At this point, it seems appropriate for me to do a website "Content Review" to remind everyone about the features existing here at DietHobby.

Across the top of every page is a Header with links that direct you to different features. Across the bottom of every page is a Footer with links that also direct you to these different features.  The Header sections link to categories in two ways: by drop-down boxes AND by links on the top right-hand side of the page.  

HOME is where I post my ongoing new blog articles.  

ABOUT ME contains specific facts about me and about DietHobby that some may find interesting.

RECIPES contains video recipes of foods I eat in my dieting lifestyle, and I post new recipe videos at random.

DIET WISDOM contains a series of short videos about dieting issues.

WORDS of WISDOM contains a series of brief Inspirational videos, each consisting of a positive statement lasting about 20 seconds.  This section contains individual videos as well as the Words of Wisdom Playlist, in which these videos automatically play back-to-back.

RESOURCES contains many things to help you with your weight-loss and maintenance journey.

  • You will find the answers to Frequently Answered Questions in FAQ. 
  • RESOURCES contains

One Bite at a Time
- POSTED ON: Sep 07, 2016


The Wish without The Drive
- POSTED ON: Aug 16, 2016


Target Audience
- POSTED ON: Aug 12, 2016

I view DietHobby as a personal, digital, online “scrapbook”.

Scrapbooking” is a method, an art for preserving, presenting, and arranging personal information, such as pictures, articles or other material, in a book or other storage facility.

When I post here at DietHobby, I am sharing my digital scrapbook.

By “sharing”, I mean that I am allowing others to use or have something of mine, something I possess. 

That something that I “possess” is various information, my own opinions, or selected opinions of others that I find to be personally helpful or interesting.

Sometimes when discussing DietHobby with others, I’ve been asked: “Who is your target audience?

A "target audience" is particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of a message. This is a marketing concept.

Marketing involves the transfer of goods or information from a seller to buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

Content marketing is the process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable, and engaging content to a target audience with the goal of acquiring new customers or increasing business from existing customers. 

It is also about creating interesting information that your customers are passionate about so they will actually pay attention to you.

Selling vs. Sharing

There is a difference between sharing and selling.
          Selling is good.
          Sharing is good.

They’re not actually the same, though.

Example 1:

When Luke goes to childcare, he receives two cookies as a snack.
If he says to another child:
          “Hey, wanna share my cookies?
…he means,
          “I have something to give to you, and I expect nothing in return.”

It's a matter of: This is mine, and I would like to GIVE you some of it.
That’s “sharing”.

Example 2:

Sarah is aware that if she wants to move into a new house, first she will need to do something with her old one.
If she says to someone...

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Sep 10, 2016
DietHobby: A Digital Scrapbook
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DietHobby is my Personal Blog
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