The Wish without The Drive
- POSTED ON: Aug 16, 2016


Target Audience
- POSTED ON: Aug 12, 2016

I view DietHobby as a personal, digital, online “scrapbook”.

Scrapbooking” is a method, an art for preserving, presenting, and arranging personal information, such as pictures, articles or other material, in a book or other storage facility.

When I post here at DietHobby, I am sharing my digital scrapbook.

By “sharing”, I mean that I am allowing others to use or have something of mine, something I possess. 

That something that I “possess” is various information, my own opinions, or selected opinions of others that I find to be personally helpful or interesting.

Sometimes when discussing DietHobby with others, I’ve been asked: “Who is your target audience?

A "target audience" is particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of a message. This is a marketing concept.

Marketing involves the transfer of goods or information from a seller to buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

Content marketing is the process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable, and engaging content to a target audience with the goal of acquiring new customers or increasing business from existing customers. 

It is also about creating interesting information that your customers are passionate about so they will actually pay attention to you.

Selling vs. Sharing

There is a difference between sharing and selling.
          Selling is good.
          Sharing is good.

They’re not actually the same, though.

Example 1:

When Luke goes to childcare, he receives two cookies as a snack.
If he says to another child:
          “Hey, wanna share my cookies?
…he means,
          “I have something to give to you, and I expect nothing in return.”

It's a matter of: This is mine, and I would like to GIVE you some of it.
That’s “sharing”.

Example 2:

Sarah is aware that if she wants to move into a new house, first she will need to do something with her old one.
If she says to someone...

Rule or Principle? - Internal vs. External Control
- POSTED ON: Aug 08, 2016

My behavior is based on principles rather than rules.

A "Rule" externally compels you, through force, threat or punishment, to do the things someone else has deemed good or right. People follow or break rules.

A "Principle" internally motivates you to do the things that seem good and right to you.

The outside world, including all rewards and punishment, can only provide information.  It doesn’t make me do anything.  My inside world is what actually causes me to do things. 

While “Rules” come from others, “Principles” come from inside.

A reliance on external control results in an unwillingness to accept personal responsibility and recognize that our lives are largely the product of the choices we make.

We take information in through our senses, understand it based on our knowledge, and evaluate it against our personal values. We actively construct perceptions that we believe are identical to what exists in the “real world.” Whether they accurately reflect reality or not is essentially irrelevant. We live our lives based upon the perceptions we develop.

William Glasser’s primary contribution to the field of psychology relates to the understanding of what he calls “total behavior”.  Behavior is made up of four components: Acting, Thinking, Feeling, and Physiology.  Change any component of total behavior, and the other components change as well.

We have little direct control of our Feelings,  but we almost always have some control over our Acting and our Thinking.  Our Physiology … the involuntary mechanisms that work to keep our bodies alive and functioning (primarily at the level of organs and systems within systems), … is outside of our direct control.

All of our behavior serves a function.  The purpose of behavior is to feel better by keeping our internal scales in balance so that what we perceive comes close to what we want. 

Because I understand that I am motivated from the inside out, I recognize that all “diet rules” are merely suggestions for potential behavior. I am continually free to make any eating choice that I find suitable for me, and I am responsible to myself for all of those choices.

Here at DietHobby, I often post a complicated article along with my own simple discussion.

This post reverses the process, since below is a simple article to go along with my own complicated discussion. 

Diet Rules - Things as they are.

- POSTED ON: Aug 02, 2016


Speaking My Truth
- POSTED ON: Aug 01, 2016


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