The Sound of Wrong
- POSTED ON: Sep 24, 2014


Mathematics of Weight-Loss
- POSTED ON: Aug 22, 2014


Opinion vs. Fact
- POSTED ON: Jul 20, 2014



Time for a Reality Check
- POSTED ON: Jun 21, 2014


With regard to Dieting and Weight Issues, it is becoming clearly evident  that the members of the Medical Profession, including those who are part of the Scientific Community, are greatly in need of a REALITY CHECKA Reality Check is something which shows you that the real situation is different from what you believed or hoped. 

What is considered as "conventional wisdom" is that :

Most people burn X number of calories, and if they reduce that X number by 500 calories per day, in one week they will lose one fat pound (3500 calories = 1 fat pound). 

Therefore after doing this for 10 weeks, they will lose 10 pounds. Because they are now 10 pounds lighter, they will burn slightly less than the X number of calories their body needed before their weight-loss, and they can then easily eat that new X calorie number and maintain that weight loss.

This process can be continued indefinitely, and by following through, it will result in the body's loss of all "excess weight", and thereafter, will result in the body's maintenance of that "ideal weight" .  As a result of this people will become Thin and Healthy. 

At the bottom of this article, I give more detail about this numbers issue, but the POINT IS that while following this Basic Process gives short-term weight loss results, only a very few people ever achieve long-term weight loss results.  

Certainly, the REAL SITUATION Here is DIFFERENT from what the Medical Profession, the Scientific Community, and the General Public, BELIEVES or HOPES it to be.

DietHobby contains several articles about the dubious connection between being "Healthy" and being "Thin".  Also, some goo...

Why do people keep believing things that are obviously untrue?
- POSTED ON: Jun 17, 2014


Research studies on the subject of misinformation show that:  

When information doesn’t square with someone’s prior beliefs,
if those beliefs are weak,
he discards the beliefs, 
but if those beliefs are strong,
he discards the information

Not all false information goes on to become a false belief -- meaning: a lasting state of incorrect knowledge -- and not all false beliefs are difficult to correct.

For example astronomy. If you were asked to explain the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, you might do so incorrectly, and a friend who understands astronomy might correct you. No big deal, you simply change your belief.

But in the time of Galileo, the view of the Earth-sun relationship was tied closely to ideas of the nature of the world, the self, and religion. If Galileo tried to correct your belief, the process wouldn't be as simple.

The crucial difference between then and now, is the IMPORTANCE of the Misperception.
 When there's no immediate threat to our understanding of the world, we change our beliefs. Problems occur when that change contradicts something we hold as important.

False beliefs stem from issues closely tied to our conception of self. False beliefs, it turns out have a great deal to do with self-identity; What kind of person am I, and what kind of person do I want to be? This self-identity issue affects all ideologies.

Facts and evidence simply aren't that effective, given how selectively they are processed and interpreted.   Strongly held beliefs continue to influence judgment, despite correction attempts … even with a supposedly conscious awareness of what is happening.

When someone believes something strongly,  new information isn't going to change their mind.  
 They will simply disregard that information

Learning this truth has helped me avoid many issue-re...

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