Wisdom Takes Effort

- POSTED ON: Jul 04, 2012

I wasn't born with whatever wisdom I now have. It happened as a part of experiencing life, and during that process I made many, many choices that in hindsight seem to have been mistaken ... or simply wrong.  But everything I've ever done, or ever been, or ever experienced has led me to be the person I now am. I have strengths and I have weaknesses.  I find it important to Accept all of my personal traits as simpy parts of myself as I currently exist.  This is who I am, for now. 

As we live, we change, but the traces of what we were still exist. 
Inside me still lives the toddler, the small child, the adolescent, the young adult, the young mother, and the me of every stage I've experienced throughout my life. Inside is the young me, the old me, the fat me, the thin me.  

In my present life, I have the task of loving, comforting, and accepting all these parts of myself, while continuing to make daily behavior choices which are leading me toward my future self.  It seems to me that All of us are doing this Alone but Together.

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