A Sustainable Alternative

- POSTED ON: Oct 21, 2012

Weight-loss and maintaining weight loss requires that we change our Way-of-Eating, Forever, BUT..
While the change FROM our Way of Eating while we were fat must be permanent,
our change TO any other specific Way of Eating can be temporary.

There are many different Ways of Eating to choose from.
We can choose one for awhile, and then make a different choice.
We can hop between these choices as much as we like.
  Every Way of Eating is acceptable, as long as it fulfills the following requirement,
which is:

During weight-loss:
The amount of food intake must provide less energy than one's individual body burns.

During maintenance:
The amount of food intake must provide the same energy as one's individual body burns

During my lifetime of learning about, and sampling different Ways of Eating ... (Diets)
here's a statement of objection I commonly see made by somebody, to almost every Diet I've encountered.

The '"X Diet", or "Dieting", will not result in permanent weight-loss because it is NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Everyone tends to nod their head in agreement with this principle, and then people in favor of the specific diet or in dieting, say that after achieving success, one should return to their "normal" Way of Eating... eating a bit less, AND then continue to use that same diet occasionally in order to lose any weight regained.

There is an Alternative way of looking at this,
and it is the one I use here in my own Dieting Hobby.

It's okay for the PERMANENT change to consist of many TEMPORARY changes.

Just pick any diet or way-of-eating that meets the above-stated energy requirements which attracts you. Stay on it as long as you can. When you want to eat differently, choose another diet or way-of-eating that meets the above-stated energy requirements which attracts you. Keep doing this process until you find a diet or way-of-eating that you find personally sustainable long-term, or until you die ... whichever comes first.

This Alternative provides great deal of flexibility within one's eating choices.
I've found that by choosing this Alternative, I am exposed to many desirable possibilities that are new to me. Some of these possibilities are transient experiences, and some of these possibilities become enjoyable Habits that I am able to incorporate into my life on a rather permanent basis.

Some of you may be interested in my new Grandma video:
which is located in DietHobby, at GRANDMA'S HOUSE, under Ask Grandma.

You can also get there by clicking the link: Do YOU Like Change?

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Existing Comments:

On Oct 20, 2012 wrote:
Totally agree, we all return to the method that gave us "SUCCESS". Intend to try something different after achieving my goal this time. I'll checkout the video tomorrow but must say I love your hat.

On Oct 20, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks John. =)

On Oct 23, 2012 kimberchick wrote:
good morning :-) I just wanted to leave you a msg so that you know that, even though I've not yet found the time to actually spend here daily writing in response to your articles, I do stop by and take the time to read the sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes relevent and sometimes not, but always interesting and informative information you've taken the time and effort to share with us here @ diethobby.com <3 Like John, I will also check out the video later, when I have time to enjoy and even respond ;-) wishing you a wonderful day!!!

On Oct 23, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimber. Thanks for stopping by. <3 Wishing the best for you.

On Oct 26, 2012 jethro wrote:
At the end of the day it's all about creating a calorie deficit (to lose) and creating a calorie balance (to maintain).

On Oct 26, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Jethro, that is so true ... even though various micronutrients may influence or affect this calculation ... that IS the bottom line.

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