- POSTED ON: Jun 02, 2011

Feeling Lucky often takes effort.

Directing one's Focus on the Positive is hard work.
Old patterns, old thoughts, old behaviors
will come up again and again.
In order to be healthy, we must learn to accept this fact,
and let them surface precisely so we can let them out

 Sometimes I mope, worry, and cry a few times,
and write my feelings down.
Up and out and gone. Until next time.
I work on Acceptance and Gratitude.
Life is a continual awakening and a continual letting go.

Years ago, these experience were much different.
I would have had all these feelings, with no awareness.
I would have stuffed them down with food 
and then I would have felt guilt and shame.
The pathetic cycle would continue,
and I would have no idea why.

Sometimes we believe that once we:

• lose the weight
• succeed at the physical feat of our choice
• haven’t binged in X days or weeks or months or even years!
• wear a certain size clothing
• haven’t eaten the food we individually perceive as “evil”
• have bariatric surgery
• (choose some other measurement of perceived perfection)

…we believe that we’re immune. 
   But, this is never true.

It’s not about “never again”
it’s about catching ourselves sooner

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 02, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Alaskan Cruise tomorrow. I will post as I can. Be interesting to see how my planning pays off.

On Jun 03, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, Have a GREAT time. I look forward to finding out how it goes for you.

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