An Endless Struggle

- POSTED ON: Mar 08, 2011

The following quote states a common point of view
frequently heard within weight-loss circles

Our bodies have a better idea of what ideal is for us than our brains do.
There’s no point in dieting down to one’s “ideal” weight,
because it will always be a struggle to maintain it.”

That quote SOUNDS like wisdom, and it might apply to the
bodies of "Normal" people who have just put on a "bit of weight".
However, it does not apply to the body of a "Reduced Obese" person,
A "Reduced Obese" person's body will continue to want to be Obese.
Almost every "Reduced Obese" person will always have to struggle
to maintain even a 10% weight loss.

In my own case, both before, and after, my WLS 18 years ago,
even when weighing in the 190s, it was a struggle for me to maintain my weight.
In fact....although of course I eat less here at my 115 lb goal weight,
than I did when weighing 190 lbs,.... the intensity of my struggle
with my body to keep from gaining is about the same.

My own viewpoint about working toward one’s ideal goal weight
is that since I'm going to have to intensely struggle with my body
to maintain my weight, in order to weigh less than 200 plus pounds,
 I might as well do it from inside the weight range
that is normal for my 5'0" height.

Since the Struggle is Endless, 
I choose to be Thin...a "normal" weight... instead of Fat,  during my Struggle.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 08, 2011 TexArk wrote:
Your point addresses my disagreements with the Intuitive Eating and Normal Eating philosophies (and I have all the books and tried diligently for 2 years). They appeal to that part of us that wants the struggle to be over while appealing to our desire to be "normal" and the fantasy that we can eat whatever we want. Perhaps one can be trained to have body acceptance, but most reducing and reduced folks as you say will always need to be very diligent about their choices. And so will those who have various disabilities or diseases. As Mom always said, "Life isn't fair." I agree. We might as well accept the challenge and "make it a hobby."

On Mar 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, I totally agree with your comment. This is something I've also learned from my own experiences. I believe that those Intutive Eating and Normal Eating philosophies are giant stumbling blocks that need to be avoided by those who are obese.

On Mar 08, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
“Our bodies have a better idea of what ideal is for us than our brains do. There’s no point in dieting down to one’s “ideal” weight, because it will always be a struggle to maintain it.”**** Yet another port of call for the "isle of denial". I know it well because I stopped at it for over a year. One of the most stupidest things I have ever done. I will never do it again. It is so alluring to think that my body will automatically be where it wants to be without effort from me in this age of automatic eating. Just yesterday, my always slim husband of 30 yrs, told me he weighs weekly. His weight bumped up 5# (weekend trip) and is eating less as a result. Moral of the story: Everyone has some way of monitoring their health and it is impossible to really know what lean people do with snippets of information. Often times, they do not even realize their adjustments because it seems normal to them. Eternal vigilance is a price I am willing to pay.

On Mar 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, you have exactly the right attitude for maintenance success.

On Mar 13, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
123.2#, lower than I like, trying to get back to closer to 125-127 range. The reason I post this number is that I got rid of my obese clothes today from the days of 192#. It should been a no brainer but there was something holding me back. Did I think my body would soemhow revert back to 192 without me noticing? Maybe I worried that I would lose my resolve and backslide which is true for the vast majority of maintainers. I did keep me next size up clothes in case I get gravely sick and gain because of it. I wonder if that is an opening to eat more than my trim body is accustomed to doing. I have lost and gained in the past. But I have never lost and maintained with the clarity of knowledge I have now. I do not knowing will be enough. But then I think, who knows what will happen 2 years from now. Today, I am very happy with my results, and will weed out clothes because it is spring and I have accomplished something wonderful. KWIM?

On Mar 13, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, yes I know what you mean. I am pleased to see how well you are doing in maintenance, and I love hearing about it.

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