MORE than Food?
- POSTED ON: Sep 01, 2014



Recently I heard that "Life is MORE than Food."

I said:



Created by Me
- POSTED ON: Aug 30, 2014

Sometime I daydream and create Castles-in-the-Air. 
Sometimes my thoughts are more realistic. Sometimes they are quite negative.
I work to remember that I experience the world through my thoughts, and that my thoughts create my feelings.

Once Upon A Time
by Bonnie Jarvis

Once upon a time, I believed that it all occurred out there. Things happened … I reacted. Life was hard. I tried to control it all. It was hard. When things didn’t happen as I wanted, I got upset, frustrated, I cried out … in anger, in pain, in sorrow … it shouldn’t be like this. When things I believed caused my happiness were gone … I felt pain, sadness, what could I do?

Then I began to slowly understand … when things happen out there, I could choose how I reacted … or responded. I still tried to control the “out there” … but when things didn’t work out, I slowly understood I had the choice of how to respond. It was a little easier … not as frustrating as when I didn’t know I had a choice … about my experience.

As time went on, I understood I didn’t have to try and control the out there … the out there was … out there … and had little to do with me. But I got better at responding instead of reacting. And it got easier, less frustrating.

Now I see it is ALL in here … my experience of life, it is totally created inside me, within my reach.

Oh, don’t get me wrong … it sometimes still looks like its because of what’s happening out there … what makes me feel upset, or irritated, or even happy. But I now have a stronger understanding … I’ve played with it, tested it, experimented with observing my feelings and my thoughts.

So now, when the reason looks like it is out there … I can do things to clear my mind, like go for a walk or meditate. But the beauty of the way we humans work … is I can also do nothing in particular, because a new thought will come on its own … and I eventually remember … oh, I am feeling my thoughts about what’s out there. And this has brought more grace and ease … in knowing that its really all about what’s in here … in my thoughts, in my ability to believe or not to believe my thinking … in my willingness ...

Impossibly Perfect, the Tyranny of Ideal Beauty
- POSTED ON: Aug 29, 2014


Our culture’s current standards of beautiful perfection are impossible to achieve.

Yet most females harbor secret, dream-like fantasies of accomplishing that standard, and undertake difficult and daunting tasks with this goal in mind.

The following video addresses this issue.


Is it REALLY up to me?
- POSTED ON: Aug 28, 2014


Sometimes I simply shake my head in wonder at the falsity of diet and fitness marketing.

This picture is a prime example of it.

First, it clearly indicates that body size and body appearance are totally under one’s own control. 

“If you are a fat person
then all you have to do is
eat less, move more,
buy this,
do this and don’t do that
and you will get “healthy”
and look like THIS.”

Most women as large as the woman at the back of the picture would love to believe that these claims are true, and some seem determined to to live in Denial, even though many of them KNOW in their minds that those claims are Lies.

Note, that the desired body is a firm, young body. Next, a body that has  been really fat is never going to have an appearance like the body of the woman at the front of the picture. 

People also have different genetic body types that determine where fat deposits itself on their bodies. There’s no such thing as “spot reduction”, and we don't get to choose which fat goes and which fat stays.  The fact is that even after a successful large weight-loss there’s a lot of loose skin to deal with, and it is unlikely that any “reduced fat” person ... of any age ....will ever achieve that kind of voluptuous, tight-skinned body even with plastic surgery and 6 to 7 days a week of heavy-duty exercise.

Also, the statement isn’t based on ANY kind of evidence.  First the entire “lose weight to be healthy” idea is based upon an untested hypothesis.  So few people have achieved significant long term weight loss that there simply aren’t enough to commission a statistically significant study.

Those who put forth weight loss as a health intervention can’t produce a study where more than a tiny fraction of participants ever lost weight long-term, and even then, most of the few “successes” they point to, lost only a tiny amount of weight. Weight Watchers claims success because their average study participant maintained a 5 pound loss over 2 years.

People attempt to use Fat bodies as “evidence”.  Marketing, which includes the medical profession,  tries to claim that our bodies are evidence of unhealthy behaviors, lack of willpower, lack of self-care and any other appearance-based stereotypes they enjoy believing and perpetuating  Then they claim that this evidence is compelling enough to make it okay  to target fat people for for shame, stigma, bullying and humiliation because it's “for our own good”.

Positivity Rules
- POSTED ON: Aug 27, 2014

DietHobby's message to the Negative, the Critical, and the Intolerant.



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