How to Stop Binge Eating

- POSTED ON: Apr 18, 2015



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by Dr. Amy Johnson







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On Apr 18, 2015 LoveTahoe wrote:
These concepts really get to the core of addressing addiction. The biggest takeaway is having the insight to understand that hindbrain urges don't have to control us. Staying in the moment is huge for me so when I get the urge to eat a bag of chips instead of a salad with lowfat dressing, stopping and just saying, yeah, chips taste good, but won't get me where I want to go with my body and my health! And actively engaging in the salad fixing behavior instead. It takes a LOT of in-the-moment conscious action and behaviors and thought repetitions to overcome these urges, but it can be done. And she's right about the "re-wiring" of brain signaling pathways. That is what habits are all about. I don't think twice about brushing my teeth twice a day, I just do it. My brain wiring for that behavior/action was embedded decades ago. You can say the same for food behaviors, actions, and thinking. It takes consistency over time to re-wire and re-program ourselves. I bookmarked this video. Thanks!

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