Over The Long Haul

- POSTED ON: Apr 20, 2011


Over The Long Haul m
ost diets or exercise plans work, 
if they are followed consistently long-term.
When people begin a new diet or exercise plan
they feel hopeful about their chances  
of success at achieving their individual goals, 
and during that first burst of enthusiasm 
is when they most tend to be most faithful to it.
But a year or two later, we don’t hear too much
from those people about  program X or program Y,
about what their weight and their fitness level is like at that point.
With both weight-control and fitness, 
maintenance is THE difficult long-term issue.
So it’s important to pay attention to what behaviors
that we can realistically continue over the long haul..
Each of us is an individual, with different likes and dislikes.
We need to take our own personal tastes and abilities 
under consideration when making our diet and exercise choices.
Then we need to make those diet and exercise behavior choices into Habits.
Over time, those positive Habits will become part of us
and our bodies…and attitudes…will change. 
But this does not occur without Effort.
The bodies of most fat, or formerly fat, people want to be fat;
and following the desires of those bodies
seldom results in long-term weight reduction.
 There really isn’t any going ON or OFF a diet. 
Eating is an endless necessity of life.
Everything we choose to eat at every point in time,
is the diet we individually choose,
and….for the most part….our bodies will reflect those choices.
Personal responsibility applies in every area of our lives.
Deciding NOT to “diet”  is in fact an eating choice.
We must use our minds to discipline our bodies,
similar to the way a loving parent provides care for a willful child.
There’s no temporary or easy way to do this.
It is important to Acknowledge and Accept the fact 
that this willful child within us isn’t ever going to “grow up”.
We will never be able to end our parental responsibilies.
That child will ALWAYS need special loving care,
and we are the only ones who can provide it.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 20, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Over time, those positive Habits will become part of us and our bodies…and attitudes…will change. But this does not occur without Effort.*** This is the part of Nos I found extremely useful and continuosly apply each day. Hoping my attidutudes do change permanently is still an unknown for me. To help me set a goal to measure my new way of eating I will use the upcoming cruise in June 2011 and my two year anniversary of CC which will be Oct 6, 2011. I think I need more instances of succeeding to feel confident that I will not drift back up as before. Another cruise could be in the works for Jan/Feb 2013. My beach vacation does not concern me in the least, as I have handled this type of vacation successfully many times- both while losing & maintaining. With more food storage techniques from your valuable website, it will become easier still. Nice video clip. Short, sweet & to the point.

On Apr 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen. If you continue your current attention to detail, I think drifting up won't be a problem for you. Cruises are a real food challenge for anyone, but they are rare and for a limited time, so should not be a real difficulty for you, even if your behavior isn't TOTALLY successful.

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