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- POSTED ON: Oct 27, 2014

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On Oct 27, 2014 webmaster wrote:
:) I believe it's not the bite, but what you swallow that matters most. I would love to read some inspiration and suggestions toward managing weight control during the holiday season... It's going to be hard to resist all the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving desserts, and Christmas treats... (YUM!) It's gonna be rough...

On Oct 27, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Drew, For most people, every bite gets swallowed, but certainly the people doing Chew and Spit, like on the "Dolly Parton Diet" will take in fewer calories. Perhaps that's the ticket ... if you can keep from being bothered when other people try to shame you for behavior which they consider to be an "eating disorder". Even after all these years, I still find it very hard to resist treats or to manage weight during the holiday season. Luckily now that I'm old, for me most Holidays are very much like all other days. But if you'd like me to TEMPT you with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving desserts and Christmas treats, I can easily manage that.

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