Searching For Perfection

- POSTED ON: Jun 17, 2012

If this thought has never crossed your mind, you are a very rare person.

"No matter what I do, it's never good enough."

When this happens, first ask yourself, "Good enough for whom?"
Who are we trying to please? Who gets to judge whether or not we are good enough?

If your answer is "the world, the universe", then you're right
because there's nothing we can ever do that will please everyone.

The only person we have to be good enough for, is ourself.
So, if the standards I have set for myself are impossible to meet
because I require perfection of myself at all times, then I need to lower my standards.

It is important to stop expecting to be perfect, stop thinking that I know everything,
and open my mind to learning and moving forward in that ever changing process.

When something I'm doing isn't working, I need to change what I'm doing.
I've learned in maintenance, that doing what I've been doing doesn't work forever,
because the body adapts.

When we become fitter, we have to push ourselves harder.
When we become thinner, we have to lower our caloric intake.
When we get older, we have to lower our caloric intake.
Doing the same thing we've always done really isn't good enough.
We have to accept that we must continually evolve to keep making progress.

Good enough is not perfect.
There is no such thing as perfect.
There's only a little better than before.

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 17, 2012 TexArk wrote:
How right you are! I wish for a nice rut sometimes. My present challenge nos is that after my foot injury of over a year ago, I just do not and cannot get normal exercise from walking and accumulating steps. I conserve energy. Oh no...less calories burned. So I am having to tinker around again. I have to get in time every day on bicycle and elliptical and do weights a few times a week. I am trying to like it. I also have to still monitor my food intake and as you have previously mentioned, I have also had to adjust my target weight upwards. Might as well make it a hobby, huh? Thanks for taking the time to blog your thoughts for the rest of us.

On Jun 17, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, thanks for your comment. It's good to hear how you're doing. Recently, what with all the extra activity it has been taking to repair the Hacker's actions, I haven't had time to visit the forums. Thank you for taking the time to drop by. <3

On Jun 21, 2012 TexArk wrote:
I have gone to my profile to change my password but do not see what I would select to do that. Do I just register again?

On Jun 21, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             My son now advises me that ... at this time, due to security reasons ...he has decided against making one's password visible in the profile area after logging in to DietHobby.  In order to change your password, you can e-mail me your new password and I will manually put it into the system, or you can e-mail me to delete your registration, which will allow you to re-register with your new confidential information. Sorry about the misunderstanding.  I will be sending out a corrected notice.

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