Pet Obesity?

- POSTED ON: Sep 17, 2011


Pet food is a heavily marketed area.
Now we are all supposed to be worried
about giving a "healthy lifestyle" to our pets,
and making sure they aren't "obese".

Despite the popular sentiment of cat food marketers,
and vets who are interested in the length of a pet's life
rather than the quality of the that pet's life,
Here's where I draw a personal line.

 I accept I have to diet my whole life..
...and call it a "healthy lifestyle", ....
but to make my cat do it along with me is just sick.
Making my cat diet is NOT part of my Dieting Hobby.

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Existing Comments:

On Sep 17, 2011 wrote:
Sorry, I have to disagree with you. Pet owners have even more of a responsibility to provide the conditions for a pet to live a reasonable life. In addition, the idea that people would start having to treat pets for illnesses that are mostly a reflection of the burden of a post-industrial life verges on the obscene. In fact, it's the obesity of the cat that is the imposition, not the expectation that the cat be "thin." It is not natural for most pets to become obese. They do mostly because of poor care by owners, though much of that care is just ignorant. However, I think I still regard it as a bit irresponsible. (Sorry if that hits close to home!) Although I've come to appreciate the wonderful value of pets, I believe it is not a right to own one. They have needs, not to mention that they take an environmental toll that most people don't want to acknowledge and would probably make fun of my bringing up. If someone wants to have the benefits of owning a pet, s/he has to provide for those basic needs. Helping that pet stay healthy is part of it. Keeping it at a weight range that's best for it is part of it, too. But I do see your point that we can't impose ourselves on pets.

On Sep 18, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             oolala, Thank you for sharing your opinion. I feel really good to see that you understand I don't expect all my viewers to agree with everything I say here at DietHobby. <3

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