Courage To Continue

- POSTED ON: May 10, 2011




During my endless search for the Positive,
it recently occurred to me ...

One great thing about using a computer software
food journal similar to DietPower is
that even if one didn't want to count calories or control portions,

...someday in the future, you could still be able to look back
at your personal data, and learn your accurate food amounts,
nutritional values and/or your eating patterns.

I have been making daily food entries into my DietPower journal for the past 6 years,
and I can access any day's food information from the past 6 years.

For Example, suppose I wanted to know exactly what and how much I ate
every Christmas Day or every Birthday or every Vacation for the past 6 years,
I can pull that data up and compare it.

I find this ability to access personal information to be very compelling.

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Existing Comments:

On May 10, 2011 TexArk wrote:
That is exactly how I use DietPower. I enter my food, but I am really not planning out a target calorie budget. I follow the NoS principles of no snacking, no sweets, and no seconds and I have eliminated grains and seed oils from my diet. But I don't want to be surprised by an unexplained weight gain so I track my nutrients. This also helps control binges. I won't say I haven't had to enter an embarassing amount a few times, but the action of entering really keeps me honest with myself.

On May 10, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, your excellent food choices and food tracking are clearly reflected by your successful weight-loss. There have been many times during the past "DietPower" years where I've also entered "embarassing" amounts of various foods, and ... I have no doubt ... this will continue to be true for me, but following through with the commitment to enter it all as accurately as possible is a primary key to my success......AND I've learned that facing oneself, ALWAYS being accountable to oneself for one's eating behaviors does take a great deal of ongoing individual COURAGE.

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