Sugar Binges

- POSTED ON: Apr 21, 2011

 I recently heard someone say:

"I  plan on making the most out of tomorrow’s holiday.
Even if that means I'll be shoveling plain sugar into my mouth
and eating until I vomit."  

The above-quote is a good description of binge behavior.

Some people are only joking when they say that they are going to eat sugar until they vomit or feel like it. This may only mean they will actually have a few pieces of candy and/or cookies which will seem like a lot to them. 

But, some literally do Binge on a regular basis, and this means they  actually do eat a large amount, such as one or more family size bags of candy/and or cookies and these people...despite a great deal and time and effort.... are not able to overcome this "addiction-like behavior".

People are mentally and physically different. One-size-does-not-fit-all.

I think there can be no doubt that Taubes, author of  Why We Get Fat is correct when he says that sugar is a special kind of food,  because it seems to "hijack" the brain.

Sugar seems to be an issue with almost everyone, how
ever the definition of "bingeing" seems to differ between individuals.
For some, "bingeing" means "giving in" to a piece or two of cake
and for others it means eating the entire cake."
Most people equate "bingeing" with "Emotional Eating",  but perhaps Taubes is correct when he says that this isn't merely a mental or behavioral issue. 

Maybe there's actually a large physiological issue ... maybe our respective bodies are different in more ways than size.

Some of us seem to be more sensitive to carbohydrates than others. There are some people for whom even "healthy" complex carbohydrates ... such as baked potatoes and whole kernal corn... can trigger binge behavior. 

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 21, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
In response to a person not going with a coke (full sugar) for a day, I posted the following musings**** That could be very true (refering to a psychological premise). It also could be true that the cellular level, her body is really craving those processed carbs, especially the fructose/glucose blend which is what the Havel, Taubes & Lustig are proposing (Taubes recent NY Times article). If it then is a physical response, not primarily a psychological (however this defined), the solution(s) are then quite different. The question then becomes, how can one tell as an individual? If there is a physical chain reaction, what is the dosage and context for the individual. And perhaps, it is a combination of the two- much like other substances that are consumed in various quantities produce negative consequences in a person yet the memory remains of the pleasant sensations. DS is off for his first transfusion of experimental drugs as I type, Remicaid the next generation. These questions I study are not an intellectual exercise but have serious consequences should it be true for myself and those I love.

On Apr 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen,..."how can one tell as an individual" an interesting question. My opinion is that one can learn that only through personal experimentation.

On Apr 21, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Previous post should say **without** a coke for day. This person found the pull too hard to resist. DS was told by his specialist yesterday that he was too healthy, i.e. symptom free, and to come back in June. No transfusions and currently no other meds but vitamins and Pentsa either. He has been carb conscious, not low carb, especially with the sugar. He has been off all meds for the past few months, ever since his midnight emergency room attack, in preparation for yesterday's study. I wanted to share this happy news with you. Easter will have a special significance this year.

On Apr 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Congratulations, Karen. Thanks for sharing your great news.

On Apr 21, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
My opinion is that one can learn that only through personal experimentation.*** That is my opinion as well. Another excellent benefit of food journaling is compiling thess invaluable observations to know what is true for the individual.

On Apr 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, good point.

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