What is the Body Positive Movement?

- POSTED ON: Nov 19, 2015




See Video Below







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On Nov 20, 2015 Kae wrote:
great video .. not too long cute and informative :) I'm intrigued by the recent research that shows that being overweight is actually NOT unhealthy .. well it's conducive to longer life but anyway it's a new idea and I'm ruminating lol I do think that our society doesn't just relate being overweight to being unhealthy it's much more of a negative impression I think people who are overweight are unjustly judged as lazy and/or lacking self-control and that's something I struggle with because I don't necessarily disagree :/ I can be quite lazy and lack self-control at times however that certainly does not define who I am .. I'm not always lazy and lacking self-control ;) another great post that has me thinking thank you <3

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