Veggie Tray

- POSTED ON: Apr 14, 2011

Makes 1 serving


1/2 stalk celery cut into small sticks
1/4 cup raw Jicama, peeled and cut into sticks
1 ounce raw Sugar Snap Peas
1/2 cup raw sweet green and red bell peppers, seeded and cut into sticks
1/2 cup raw sliced cucumber
1 ounce raw baby carrots
5 pieces of grape or cherry tomatoes
5 pieces of raw common buttom mushrooms


Cut up veggies as directed and place on plate together.

1 serving is:

Calories: 70
Carbs: 16 grams
Protein 5 grams 

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 14, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
You might notice that during this entire video, my cat, Boodie, demanded my attention. My normal practice is to interrupt whatever I'm doing and pet her, feed her (even when she's already eaten--like this this case), or open a door for her (even when her own cat door is open to the outdoors--like in this case). Clearly Boodie thought that shooting a video should not be an exception to this general rule.

On Apr 14, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
Beautiful colors. I discovered that substituing veggies for starches/grains was very helpful in reducing my calorie intake. What I did not realize until I started reading Taubes' GCBC & WWGF is that I had also significantly reduced my carb intake which lead to weight loss as well. Enjoy the cat meowing too.

On Apr 14, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Karen. I also had not considered this issue before reading Taubes. Prior to this current experiment-of-one, my own carb restriction was also due to calorie restriction.

On Apr 15, 2011 rross wrote:
This is exactly what I have every day. Half of this serving with one meal (eg. with fish) and the other half with a second meal (eg. with chicken breast); without any dressing most of the time. I love the freshness and natural taste of the vegetables. This being the reason for my low daily carb grams. I'm not familiar with Jicama, but after a search found it available here at Asian supermarkets. Also found it to be a cousin of the sweet potato. Will try it next time. Instead of Jicama I use radish, yam or courgettes.

On Apr 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Rina-Marie, your statement explains a great deal about why you are doing so very well at maintaining your weight-loss. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you like the taste and texture of Jicama.

On Apr 15, 2011 rross wrote:
I found it interesting that some Australians substitute Jicama with baby boabab tubers, as the taste and texture seem to be the same. In salads it is substituted (when unavailable) with green apple or water chestnuts. I found this on general food sites and not related to any diets or weightloss.

On Apr 15, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Rina-Marie, that IS interesting. I've never heard of "baby boabab tubers". Is that a vegetable common in Australia? Water chestnuts or green apple would have a similiar consistency and texture of Jicama, although the taste is somewhat different from each other and from Jicama...still mild-tasting.

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