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- POSTED ON: Apr 27, 2015


As a part of my ongoing struggle with food and weight issues, I investigate many different interesting ideas. Sometimes I discover ideas that become very helpful to me.

I am currently learning about the Three Principles concept, which involves a shift away from the traditional field of psychology. 

Here in my digital scrapbook, DietHobby, the collection of articles and videos involving that Three Principles issue will be grouped under BLOG CATEGORIES - The 3 Principles so that clicking on that link on the right-hand side of this page will provide easy access to all of them.

Also, the link on the right side of this page entitled: Contents Directory can help with DietHobby Navigation issues in general.

Remember….. the DietHobby Archives contains more than 1,000  timeless, interesting, informative, and entertaining posts which can provide a great deal of personal encouragement and inspiration.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 28, 2015 AJ wrote:
I am looking forward to reading about the "3 principals." Thank you for this website. I find the articles interesting, and there is so much to read. I used to go on the computer, but become quickly bored. I now have a place to play!

On Apr 28, 2015 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks AJ, I very much enjoy the process of making and keeping this "digital scrapbook" website to hold my Diet related pictures, articles, and videos. It is very helpful to me personally, and I'm happy that others are finding it useful to them as well.

On May 01, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
I have been checking out the info about the "3 principles" and found a website with a lot of essays. Here is the link to the webiste: Here is the link to the essays: I seem to do better reading things. I did look at a couple of the videos you posted and the speaker seemed vague and seemed to have difficulty articulating what they were trying to say. Also, there is a Sydney Banks website. Also, I was able to download his a couple of his books for free as a PDF from a different site.

On May 01, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
The individual that wrote the essays that I referred to in my previous comment is Judith Sedgeman. She has also written blogs. They also seem to assist with shedding some light on the basic concepts.

On May 01, 2015 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you missusriverrat. For the past few months I have been reading lots of blog articles, as well as watching many videos to learn about the 3 Principle approach as it might be related to me and my own weight/food issues personally. I've bought books and DVDs -- some of them by Sydney Banks,... and have spent lots of time reading and watching them as well. In the future, I plan to do a specific blog that lists the majority of the 3Principle online resources, and provides links to them. The 3P blogs I'm doing right now contain specific video lectures that stand out as being extremely helpful to ME personally re my own issues and I've chosen to post them here at DietHobby so that I can easily find them to watch again and again. Most of the videos I've posted so far, are by people who appear to currently be 3P "Stars". I have noticed that the majority of the psychologists etc. that lecture on 3-Principles seem to deliberately have a specific presentation style which might be considered vague...and I think that is probably due to the totally non-authoritarian nature of the Principle concept. So far, I have posted videos by presenters that I really admire. Judith Sedgeman appears to be another 3P "star", and I find her articles interesting. I've watched several of her videos, along with the videos of many other "presenters", but have, for now, chosen to include only specific videos of presenters that I greatly admire and who I personally relate to. When I do a Blog with links, I plan to include a wider variety of people and practitioners. I'm interested in where you got the free downloads of Sydney Banks books. I bought hard copies of 3 of his books, but still have a few more to read. Would love to get them free. =)

On May 01, 2015 missusriverrat wrote:
I believe that I do understand the reason for the vague style....they want participants to come to their own awareness. I think perhaps you could find the free download by googling the name of the book + PDF. For example, I believe this will take you to The Enlightened Gardener: I got there by the method I described above. Maybe that will help. You are a very thorough researcher and extremely capable processor of info. I definitely admire that. I am really looking forward to your blogs!

On May 01, 2015 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thank you, missusriverat.

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