Giving Up Is Not An Option

- POSTED ON: Apr 01, 2011

Many of us have preconceived expectations
when we start our weight-loss journey,
as to how long it will take.

We think that by doing everything to a T,
everything will go as planned.
But many times that is not the case.

We must learn to accept the obstacles
that are inevitable in this journey,
knowing that the end is not what makes us who we are
or who we were meant to be.
It is the journey of overcoming obstacles
that defines who we are and who we are meant to be.

Giving up is not an option.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 02, 2011 wrote:
This year I have not had much luck staying on a diet. Its Spring and Summer will be here soon so I'm going to start dieting right after Easter.

On Apr 02, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Irene, Easter is still 3 weeks away. Maybe you could start watching your food-intake today? If you feel you can't do it this weekend, how about on Monday? Even forming a Plan is a step toward success.

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