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- POSTED ON: Jun 08, 2012


I've been working hard this past week to get copies of my missing videos back here on DietHobby,
and I've made a great deal of progress.
  All of the Ask Grandma videos, Grandma's Recipes videos, and Diet Wisdom videos,
and many of the Words of Wisdom videos can now be watched here under their Headings

which are listed across the top of the page, right under the Banner at the top of this
In order to make these videos available quickly,  I started a second YouTube Channel for
only, and uploaded many, many videos. I also used copies of many videos that I had
already stored at other locations.

Note that In the Videos section under the RESOURCES heading,
only the videos that are uploaded to YouTube will appear under the the "Videos" heading,
so even though many of those videos are actually now here at DietHobby,
the video directory will still show all non-YouTube videos as missing.

I will be correcting that problem eventually, but for now the videos can be played
in their individual Categories
under their Headings at the top of the website page,
even when they can't be accessed through the Resources - Videos area.

 I'm hoping that eventually YouTube will help me fix my YouTube DietHobby Channel
by restoring all of the videos deleted by the Hacker, along with all of their comments,
viewcounts, and annotations, so that the link connections all over the internet won't be lost.
My adult son thinks that if YouTube doesn't help before then,
that we will be able to get in contact with someone for help when we got to VidCon 2012
at the end of this month.

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