What is the Best Way To Diet?

- POSTED ON: Feb 27, 2011

There are many different diets, ways-of-eating, and lifestyles.
I believe that each of us has to find his or her own way.


All of the Weight-Loss/Maintenance research and theories contain flaws, and
each of us is individually conducting an Experiment of One.

I totally agree with the following quote by an online forum member.

"You see a lot of contradiction in diet books
and on diet blogs and message boards.
Some people will tell you to eat certain foods,
others tell you to stay away from them,
eat six meals, or maybe just three meals,
do aerobics, avoid aerobics,
take these pills, don't take any pills.

Nobody's right. Everyone's right.

You have to think of a diet as a trip home for Thanksgiving --
it's a personal destination
and you should know better than anybody how to get there.

If you're driving east on the highway heading home for Thanksgiving,
you'll see a lot of cars driving west.

If the person in the passenger seat said,
"There's a lot of people heading home for the holiday,"
you wouldn't turn to that person and flip out and say,
"What the hell!
What a bunch of retards!
Don't they know home is this way?"

But that is what diet writing often is --
people arguing over how to get home."


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Existing Comments:

On Feb 26, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
The best diet I tried- NoS was the only I failed to lose weight on. Not only failed to lsoe weight, I gained 12#. The few other times I dieted- Weight Watchers twice and South Beach I was quite successful. That success stopped me from figuring out my own wl & more importantly my own maintenance plan. I let others figure out how I should lose, which meant I did not know how to maintain long term. This time, I get to choose my "way home".

On Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, you are having terrific success right now so it looks like you made exactly the right choice.

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