Differences: Successful or Unsuccessful?

- POSTED ON: Sep 20, 2011

  Something to Think About:

What's the difference between those of us
that have reached the weight goal we want to be
and those of us that have not?

Is it luck? Maybe
Is it hard work? YES
Is it vision? YES
Is it determination? YES
Is it focus? YES
Is it just circumstances? Maybe a little bit

After working hard to reach one’s weight goal,
would you start treating others as though they weren't good enough,
working hard enough, determined enough?

Or would you continue to understand
that people don't truly start moving forward
UNTIL THEY ARE TRULY READY to face their demons
and overcome their own personal recipe of life's obstacles?

Are you envious of those that are making serious progress
when you know that you are giving mediocre effort?

Are you resentful because you think some people don't have to try anymore
when they get to a certain point, and you still have to?

Do you realise that it gets harder and harder the closer you get to the end?

Life is the constant adaptation to your environment.


Not just until you get to the next rest stop.

No matter what point any of us are in when it comes to our struggle forward,
everyone is still pushing, worrying, trying, crawling, running, strangling,
suffocating under guilt, envious or jealous or sad, ready to collapse,
not satisfied with some result, self-conscious, lonely, misunderstood,
on the edge of giving up, starting over, moving on.

NO one is perfect.
No one has it all figured out.
No one is 100% done.
No one is completely confident.
No one has impenetrable self-esteem.

Successful people are just further ahead in some areas than others.

We are all successful.
And you can always choose to alter your own path
in pursuit of your own happiness.

The above article is a paraphrased portion of a post

that I really liked, from a fellow forum member.

 It so closely follows my own thinking,
that it is something that I could have written myself

...........but I didn’t.

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