Behavior Choices

- POSTED ON: Jul 07, 2011


Sometime in the early morning when I am writing here,
I feel enthusiastic about an issue and words pour forth.

Other today..
it is a struggle to feel the tiniest bit of optimism
about any subject at all...especially all the matters
that surround the issue of dieting and weight-control.

I believe this is typical and universal, rather than individual,
and that it is true of almost all of us. 

 Our individual choice is the behavior that we choose
for ourselves during the times when we feel less than positive.
That behavior choice can make us feel better, or worse.

This is the time when the positive Habits that we've established over time
can be extremely helpful to get and to keep us on track toward our ultimate goals.

So today I begin my day by sitting at my computer.
updating my graphs and tracking information;,
entering my weight and the breakfast I plan to eat;
reading a few new posts at forums I regularly follow;
and writing this article....
...which although not particularly inspiring or informative...
is nonetheless authentic.

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Existing Comments:

On Jul 07, 2011 TexArk wrote:
Hang in there. I know you will. You are an inspiration to many of us because of your honesty and your perseverance. I have been frustrated off and on for 3 months with my weight. It is just not budging right now. However, I know my behavior is OK and that is all I can control as you have taught us well. I am sure once you can get some good exercise you will get back in your "happy range" weight wise and mood wise.

On Jul 08, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks TexArk. I, too, am having a time where, despite good Behavior, I'm finding my Results undesirable. However, I KNOW how negative my Results are when my BEHAVIOR is undesirable, and so I continue to do what will .... untimately ... bring the best results possible for me individually.

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