Doing the Impossible

- POSTED ON: Jun 23, 2011


I've been thinking about what "Doing the Impossible" means.
In my life, I've accomplished many "impossible" things.

  At one time, losing 150 lbs and maintaining
all of that weight loss for 6 years seemed impossible,
but it is something I've accomplished.

As a mid-century young woman wth a blue-collar background,
becoming a lawyer was such an impossiblity,
that in my youth, I found it too incredible to even imagine,
let alone fantasize about.
But I ultimately entered that profession and practiced law for 25 years.

There were times in my life that I didn't know how
I was going to manage living even one more day.
 But I did it, and now I'm in my mid-60s, 
 and am enjoying my "elderly" years.

Just a few years ago, the idea of having my own website,
writing daily Blog articles, and making YouTube videos
was beyond consideration, yet now I'm doing it.

 I started by doing what was Necessary.

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 24, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I think my musings of late ties into doing what is necessary, then the possible, then the impossible with regards to maintenance. I wondered about my ability to maintain my enjoyment of the foods I eat, the exercise & activities I do, becoming derailed by eating challenges (especially the cruise & Alaskan backcountry excursions but before then it was last year with the 2 week car vacation to FL with Disneyland, before that the 1 week trip with flying to Monterrey Bay, CA etc..). What I have accepted is that I really do not know what I will be doing 5yrs, 3yrs, 1 yr from now. I can guess and prudently plan but, with 100% certaintly know, honestly no. So I am enjoying my plan of life, continuing to learn as I go, and to monitor my weight, food and any other observations which are relevant for me. This is the necessary, day to day part. The possible then becomes maintaining my weight for a long period of time using these habits in a peaceful manner. The impossible will be maintaining indefinitely a habitual, joyful, healthful manner of eating as I age. But really, what are the choices I face: Accept what I can do today and reap those rewards or consequences or fret about what I think I cannot do years from now because I might fail then? I might not. I might do the impossible:-)

On Jun 24, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen, Thanks for that insightful comment. I so much enjoy reading your thoughts.

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