Experimenting with Food Portion Sizes

- POSTED ON: Dec 14, 2017

Part of my Dieting Hobby is to Experiment with various Diets, Food Plans, Ways-of-Eating etc. 

You can find some examples of meals that I've actually eaten during various food experiments here at DietHobby in my Photo Gallery, which is located under the Section Heading: RESOURCES. 

Today I posted a new Album in my Photo Gallery for an experiment I'm running that involves eating Meals the size of the palm of my own hand.

Below is a photo of my Photo Gallery, which is linked above.

For information about some of the details that are involved in my current Experiment, see my previous article: Palm of the Hand

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On Dec 14, 2017 gnelson651 wrote:
Just to be clear, I reviewed this video and it is for people who have had gastric surgery. So I doubt that is applies to everyone. Those who have had bariatric surgery are very restricted because their stomachs are altered from the size of a football to the size of an egg. Therefore, those of us who are just watching our portion size would not be using the portion sizes shown in this video. I do like to use the hand method for a rough measurement of my food portions and I have a copy of a sheet on my smart pone that shows how many teaspoons, tablespoons and ounces your hand (and digits) are worth in these amounts. Normally I use a food scale at home but when going out to eat (restaurant, friend's) the hand method comes in handy.

On Dec 15, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes, gnelson, I'm certain that you know DietHobby is a blog about my own personal experiences in weight-loss and maintenance, and as a regular reader you are no doubt aware that about 25 years ago I had a RNY gastric bypass..****************************** See "ABOUT ME"; "BLOG CATEGORIES: Status Updates"; and this specific article: http://www.diethobby.com/blog.php?ax=v&nid=972&topic=_How_Fast...How_Much...Weight_Lost_After_Gastric_Bypass? *********************************************** Some of my recent "Status Updates" have referred to my experimentation with various diets ... such as "The 5-bite diet" that are based on the concept of non-surgically altered people achieving weight-loss by choosing to eat the same amounts that people eat AFTER having had Weight Loss Surgery. This concept interests me a great deal, especially since I have prior personal experiences that I can compare with these recommended diet plans. ************************************************* I find it helpful to weigh, measure, and record my food, and at this point, MY PERSONAL preferred method of weight-loss and long-term maintenance is calorie restriction together with small food portions. ************************************************* It sounds like you have devised a good system of portion control for yourself, and are doing well with it. DietHobby's Photo Gallery includes an Album of photos detailing some of my methods of measuring out food portions.

On Dec 15, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             To Continue....., I am still very interested in the concept of non-surgically altered people voluntarily eating the way the WLS patients do post-surgery. At this point, it appears to me that some of Dr. V's portion control suggestions .... are far more in line with MY OWN 25 year ago WLS surgery experiences, than the methods recommended for "the 5-bite diet". Therefore, I'm interested in doing more personal experimentation with, and study of, the "Palm of My Hand" portion control concept.

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