Breaks & Maintenance

- POSTED ON: Apr 02, 2017


 Only a Break from
Posting Frequent Blogs.

My successful maintenance requires
no Breaks from Dieting.





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Existing Comments:

On Apr 03, 2017 Kae wrote:
enjoy your time off .. will be looking forward to when you resume posting <3

On Apr 03, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Kimber, I'll still be around here in the main Blog randomly, But decided to take a "Break" from making frequent posts here in my main Blog Section this month. I'm still doing lots of frequent posting in the "Photo Gallery" RESOURCES section, mainly under: "Petite Meals" and "Freedom in Maintenance". I also still have about a dozen more videos to add to the Words of Wisdom individual video section, and will keep doing that as well. The computer does NOT send e-mail notices out when I post in Photo Gallery, but it DOES send an e-mail notice when I post in Words of Wisdom ... however, unfortunately, it then directs the viewer here to the main BLog instead of to the Words of Wisdom section where the new video exists. Someday that problem will get fixed, but probably not during this next month or two. <3

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