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- POSTED ON: Feb 04, 2016

Me After Weight Loss.

Some of you might be interested in watching this video that I made in 2011, shortly after the start of my website, DietHobby.

All during these past 5 years, I’ve been consistently, day-after-day, putting in  a ton of Focus and Effort on working to achieve my ultimate goal of maintaining my weight within my “normal” BMI range.

I'm 5 years older;  and…despite my consistent dieting efforts….today my body is 8 pounds heavier than it was in this video, (115 lbs then, 123 lbs now).  I’m still working hard every-single-day toward bringing my weight closer to the bottom of my maintenance weight range.  The photo below clearly defines how I view my ultimate goal weight range.

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Existing Comments:

On Feb 04, 2016 rroush wrote:
I loved this video when I first saw it and I love it today. I can't believe it's been 5 years! Phyllis, you are a beautiful woman inside and out and my life is better having met you.

On Feb 04, 2016 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Wow, Rebecca. What a lovely thing to say. I feel the same way about you, too.

On Feb 05, 2016 Kae wrote:
I could not say it any better than Rebecca <3 although I would like to add congratulations and job well done; your commitment to and success at weight loss maintenance is awesome and inspiring :)

On Feb 05, 2016 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Kimber, Thank You. So good to hear this from both of my old DietPower Best Buddies. I'll never forget visiting with you when we both went meet Rebecca in Boston when she ran in the Boston Marathon. It was so cool for 3 internet friends living in California, Maine, and Arizona to be together in person like that.

On Feb 05, 2016 Wellness wrote:
It is wonderful seeing you and this was very comforting to watch and inspirational for me. You know, thank you, I like me too! Love you and God bless!

On Feb 05, 2016 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi, Wellness. It's great to hear from you, too.

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