Goals & BubbleGum

- POSTED ON: May 04, 2015

Most of us get rid of our bubblegum once the taste is gone.
 Why don’t we do this with our goals?

Having goals only makes sense as long as they taste good.

Once they lose their flavor do we get rid of them?  People could ask:  “So how do you get anything done?” There are several ways to answer that question, and one of them might be “what if life isn’t about getting stuff done?”.

I do stuff, and stuff gets done. What is the point of pursuing a goal that doesn’t make sense any more?  Just because a goal made sense to me before, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will continue to make sense forever. I've found that chewing gum just to have something in my mouth isn’t really that much fun.

    •    What makes sense to you?
    •    How do you make sense out of what to do and what not to do?
    •    Who do you ask to get the answer to this question?

Continuing on with the metaphor of: Gum = Goals …

As long as I like to chew gum, I will do that; but I'll also listen to information from my senses. This will help me choose which flavor of gum I want to put in my mouth. This can inform me not to chew a whole lot of pieces of gum at the same time. This helps me realize when the gum has lost its taste. Sometimes this can help me avoid putting gum into my mouth in the first place after being offered a piece.

Which gum are you chewing? How does it taste? Once it stops tasting good, you might want to lose it.  Remember, there is more to life than chewing gum.

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