Diet Fix - Dieting Myth #10: Save Your Calories for Dinner

- POSTED ON: Jan 02, 2011

Dieting Myth #10: 

Save Your Calories for Dinner

Dr. Freedhoff says:

If you know you've got a big dinner planned, while it might intuitively make sense to try to skimp on your daytime eating, if you show up to your indulgent meal hungry, you're likely to eat back your savings and then some.

The average restaurant appetizer packs between 400-600 calories. Bread baskets beckon before appetizers even arrive. Decadent mains and desserts festoon all menus.  If you show up to a restaurant hungry because you skimped all day long -- between the bread, an appetizer, a more indulgent hunger-influenced main that you're more likely to finish, --  whatever daytime calorie savings you racked up will likely be gone even before your main course arrives.

On the other hand, show up not particularly hungry and suddenly the bread's less tempting, there'll be no need for an appetizer, your main is likely to be less indulgent (and perhaps not finished), and dessert'll be easier to share.

Bottom line for most meals out - if you save your calories for dinner, your overall daily total may well wind up higher than if you don't.

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