What About Leftovers?

- POSTED ON: Mar 24, 2011


My Behavior – my Effort – is my responsibility

A fundamental question is:
“What Behavior do I need to be Responsible for
to achieve weight-loss?”

 My Answer is, all General Behavior and all Specific Behavior.

General Behavior is controlling the food that one puts into one's mouth,
and the movement of one's body, i.e. Eat Less, Move More.

Specific Behavior depends on one's individual food plan.
meaning any personal behavior that causes less food to go into one's mouth.
One must make certain the food one eats contains less energy than one's body uses.

My eating behavior is always my responsibility.
I don't get a pass when my life becomes unusually busy or stressful.
I always choose my behavior....either consciously or unconsciously.

I Like that saying:

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

because it is true that choosing NOT to choose, is in itself a choice.
We always CHOOSE what we do.  Overeating is a choice.
That behavior is optional...even for those of us who have binge eating tendencies.

I've had to establish many Habits of Behavior that help me meet my goals,
how I commonly deal with Leftover Food is a GIANT behavior issue.
Here's a recent video I made about this subject.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 24, 2011 Karen925 wrote:
I find planning my meals during stressful eating times greatly reduces the anxiety. It helps me to organize my overall schedule. I recently went on a trip. I planned on what clothes I wanted to wear based on temp, activites, fashion. Eating is the same way for me. Some might find this compulsive. I find it to be my habit for staying trim. I have also done this long enough to know what foods to make & take. Or what entrees to order. Or to call ahead and do my thinking at home with internet than on the fly with friends and family. By thinking of my food selection ahead of time, I have found I have more time to focus on the event and people. Today, I loved being in my cocktail dress today at a benefit luncheon and by passing the starchy sides and desserts. No drab clothes anymore. More importantly, no strong desire to eat the treat either.

On Mar 24, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Karen it is so great to hear the details of your success. Your abililty to plan and follow through with those plans is admirable.

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