Grounded in Reality

- POSTED ON: Jan 18, 2013



While it's a good thing to follow your heart,

it is important to keep Dreams grounded  in Reality.

The 5-year cure rate for obesity is less than the 5-year cure rate for the worst cancer.
This has been the view of the American Medical Association’s Council on Scientific Affairs for the past 25 years. If dieting were a drug, it would have failed the regulatory process due to the fact that it is, generally, not a long-term success.

Are there any successes?
Yes, but these require life-long adherence to a restricted food intake.

Basically speaking, when we gain weight and retain that gain for some time, that new weight is recognized biologically as a new norm. When we lose weight, that same norm -- our new higher weight -- is constantly there and constantly wishing to re-establish itself. Comparatively, losing weight is easy.  It is retaining that weight loss which is a huge challenge.

Rule number one in weight management: If you are at your High weight... whatever it is now, don’t gain any more.

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Existing Comments:

On Jan 18, 2013 wrote:
Hi Phyllis, "Are there any successes? Yes, but these require life-long adherence to a restricted food intake". You yourself are an example of SUCCESS.....Eight years of keeping yourself at the goal weight you want to be. Your efforts are to be applauded. This time I have learned from you and I'm sure I can keep myself at my chosen goal by simply continuing to eat the way I am now. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

On Jan 19, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             John, thanks for your kind words.

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