A New Diet

- POSTED ON: Sep 24, 2012

People who PRETEND that the way-of-eating they’ve personally chosen
“is not a diet” often assume a superior tone, and put negative labels
on others whose personal eating plan choices are different from their own.
Most of us are familiar with their contempteous labels: “diet mentality” or “Diethead”.

Personally, I love a new diet. 
If you look … and even sometimes when you don’t….
you can always find new diets, new theories on how to lose weight
or to maintain weight-loss.

I often find pleasure in trying out a new diet.
It’s an enjoyable part of my dieting Hobby.

 Setting forth on any new path can bring a feeling of Hopeful Anticipation.
It frequently happens when we’re in the early stages of a new relationship
whether it’s with a new person, or with a new activity such as a new diet.

How do you stick to a diet … any diet, after the NEW wears off ?
That’s a tough one.

Choose the diet that is easiest for you to follow.
All diets require you to monitor your consumption of something.
You need to count calories, carbs, fats, fiber or something.
Which one is the easiest?
That’s really up to you.

Maybe you feel physically better following one diet over the others.
Feeling healthy can help you find the strength to stick to the plan you choose.

A Diet doesn't have to be a lifelong committment.
There are hundreds of diets out there.
Many different ways of eating.
If you really don't know which diet you’d like best,
just give one a brief test drive.

Everything isn’t black and white, success or failure. 
Check out how easy a diet is to understand and follow,
and how you think you’ll feel when you’re eating in that manner.
Then … if you want to …. go for it.

If it doesn’t work out for you,
another will come along,
and maybe THAT one will.

 Eating is just another part of life,
and there are many different ways to do it.

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