Sing Anyway

- POSTED ON: Mar 28, 2012

 I 've been busy lately,
engaged with the small details of life,
together with work on the DietHobby YouTube channel,
and I've put writing articles for this DietHobby website on a back-burner.

I've been reading, and writing, and watching videos,
while I work toward keeping my calories low enough
to maintain my current weight… and even drop a bit.

But although I've been keeping my calories as low as possible,
the drop isn't happening, and even maintaining my current weight
is a real challenge, because my body seems to no longer follow
the rules that the nutrition "experts" have set in stone.

My personal experimentation with Increasing my calorie average
proves that this leads to immediate weight gain,
and which refuses to drop off even when the calorie average is lowered.

Several times, I've experimented with lowering my calorie average 250 per day,
for long lengths of time, 8 to 12 weeks, which results in an immediate 2 to 3 lb loss,
but it is only water weight, because within a week of raising my calorie average 250 a day,
returning my calorie average back up to between up to 1000 - 1150 daily,
all of the weight returns, and I find that is no net weight-loss.

This is uncharted territory, because there are no research studies
involving "reduced obese" people who have reached normal weight
are maintaining over a 100 lb weight loss for more than 7 years.
Add to that, the fact that this person ( me) has kept computer food journals of
all food eaten EVERY day for that 7 years,
while weighing, measuring & working hard to be accurate.

There is no data for my current situation, and those rules
that worked for my body in the past,-- even during the first two years
of my maintenance, don't seem to be applicable.

Somedays I find this incredibly depressing, but I am grateful
that I have a normal size body, and that I can wear lovely clothing,
and that my body is minus any major aches and pains.

It is worth the work, and the frustration.
The words of wisdom "Sing Anyway" are definitely applicable here.

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Existing Comments:

On Mar 28, 2012 Karen925 wrote:
1. Does being low carb (however this level might be defined) help? I am assuming calorie limits as well. No eating vast quantities of fat or meat. 2. Does intermitent fasting (however this might tried) help? These 2 tweeks of low calorie have been a source of interest for me. The first year of loss was low calorie. My second year,maintanence, was one of low calorie with attention to carb research. I am in my third year, second year of maintanance, with focus on fasting, or alternate calorie reduction. None of this is either/or but all of the above. By this I mean, fasting with an eye on both my calorie/carb levels. I always weigh daily and measure my foods.

On Mar 28, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Karen, I watch my calories & keep my food journal in every dieting or food plan experiment that I try. That doesn't change. Neither low-carb nor intermittent fasting has done anything at all to help or to change the problem I addressed above. ... Thus far, my own experiments with both, indicate that I find it difficult.. and so far impossible... to follow either one of these plans consistently, long-term. About 12 weeks at a time seems to be the maximum length of time I can stand to follow either one ... this has true during the past 3 years of experimentation. Without seeing any type of obvious personal benefit in weight or craving or health etc., both of these plans feel a bit too punitive for me to tolerate in the long-term.

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