Weight-loss and Maintenance is Hard Work

- POSTED ON: Nov 04, 2011

Weight-loss and Maintenance of that weight-loss is hard work. This is a Truth that needs to be faced in order to achieve long-term success.  Everywhere we turn we see advertising statements about how quick and easy weight-loss is... IF you just buy and use that One Specific Product.

That product could be a food, a supplement, a diet plan, exercise equipment, clothing, a book, a video, or an idea. It could be just about anything that can be sold for money.

Those marketing lies are common, but seldom do we see in bold black-and-white the truth that no matter what product we might use,
weight-loss is slow and hard, and maintenance of that weight-loss is seldom achieved.

There are now quite a few "reality" TV shows concerning weight-loss. These consist primarily of a trim and muscled, naturally thin, person, setting forth difficult physical tasks for very fat people, then berating and encouraging those people in order to "help" them "start to live their lives".

I find this prejudiced-against-fat people statement particularly offensive, because fat people have lives that are just as productive and enjoyable as thin people.The quality of one's life depends on that person's attitudes and thoughts,
not on their physical size, or even their physical condition.

I didn't start "living my life" only when I was a normal weight,
I've lived my life for all my life, whether fat or thin.

Sometimes it seemed good, sometimes it seemed bad, but it is the only Life that I have here on earth (as far as I know), and it's been continuous since I was born.  It didn't only "start" after weight-loss.

The action shown in these television shows mostly involves physical tasks, including exercise.  Because, otherwise, for long periods of time, we would just be looking at people NOT EATING
the amounts or kinds of higher-calorie foods that are currently considered socially acceptable and desirable in our culture.This would be about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

Everywhere you hear people being told to "change their lifestyle". Like THAT is a different process than dieting forever. But, it isn't.

Our lifetime eating habits are culturally and emotionally based, and are extremely difficult to change long-term. To make it even harder, habit and emotion are only part of the equation, because physical elements are also involved. 

The bodies of the "reduced obese" do everything possible to return that person to their previously obese condition. There are quite a few articles already here at DietHobby addressing this issue,and this will continue to be an ongoing topic here.

Accepting the rather unpleasant Truths about weight-loss and maintenance has helped me become successful in that area, and personally,
I don't see how it is possible for an obese person to achieve long-term weight-loss success without coming to terms with those Truths.

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 05, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
Yea Phyllis another potent post to make me think...and thinking consciously about my "lifestyle" is not a bad thing :-) How astute of you to come right out and put it in black & white: dieting forever is changing your lifestyle lol and it's the lifestyle change you must make if you are committed to losing wgt and maintaining that wgt loss. I've gone over my calorie allowance quite a bit recently...it's been a hectic week w/several of my meals being eaten @ restaurants and even though I try to "be good" when I order I invariably end up consuming too many calories and too much sodium :-( I'm feeling confident that I will have a better week next week...as I am starting my exercise routine tmw as well as adopting another dog who will need to be walked daily until I feel confident in his response to being called. And I don't have any appts next week that will require being away from home for several hours so I can safely say I won't being eating out next week and I will be eating thoughtfully :-) Wishing you a wonderful day; I look forward to chatting w/you early tmw pm <3

On Nov 06, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi, Kimber, good to hear from you.

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