- POSTED ON: Nov 03, 2011


This morning my house is awry,
with two workman ripping away and replacing sheetrock
in the walls that were cut open for the plumbing reroute a few weeks ago.
They are working in the garage, the kitchen, both bathrooms and the master bedroom

I have barracaded myself and my cat, Boodie, in my living room
where we will hole up until evening today, and then again all day tomorrow.

Next week, the workmen will return to remove everything from my masterbedroom,
prep it for painting, and then paint, and hopefully, return the large pieces of furniture
to their appropriate places.

Since for one night next week we will have no bed,
my husband plans to sleep on the day bed in his study,
and the Boodie and I will sleep on the couch here in the living room.

I am finding it difficult to accomplish much in this disarry,
so my posts here will be spotty.
However, I have been following my food plan, and maintaining my weight-loss,
instead of using it as an excuse to binge or overeat.

Life happens.
Maintaining a positive dieting lifestyle means we do what we need to do,
no matter what is happening around us.
It is simple.....but NOT easy.

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