Dieting is my Hobby.

- POSTED ON: Feb 07, 2011


There are many different kinds of Hobbies.

Some people collect stamps, coins, watches or guns.Some people use their recreational time to garden, cook, read, sew, knit, build things, play video games, watch TV, engage in sporting activities etc.
There are numerous choices available as to how to use one’s recreational time.
I choose to Diet; I’ve found a way to make Dieting an enjoyable pastime.

My DietHobby has become a valuable use of my time.
I read about it; learn about it; talk about it; and think about it at will. It has become an enjoyable part of my life.

My choice to consider Dieting in a new light, and make it into a pleasant and absorbing Hobby, benefits me both physically and emotionally.

Many Experts and Authorities say that “Diets don’t work”, that we have to adopt a new “Lifestyle”. Proponents of this or that diet claim it’s not really a Diet, it’s a Way of Life.

Whether it’s called a Diet, a Plan, a Way of Eating, or a “Lifestyle change”, the bottom line is every one of these requires you to avoid eating everything you want, whenever you want. In some way, all of them….in some manner… restricts eating.

So it’s still a Diet.

At the same time that we Diet, most of us are made to believe that the reason we have to diet is because our greedy and lazy behavior has made us fat,. …that our deprivation is only what we deserve…because we lack the Strength of Character to eat like “normal” people.

Then, if and when our bodies do manage to reach normal weight, …..our lives can begin…. and we are expected to treat food just like those “normal” people do.

In addition, a “stiff upper lip” is required, and we have to “suck it up.” We are made to feel guilty if our diets affect our families and friends, or inconvenience them in any way. Many of whom, by attitude if not in words,  show their belief that our need to Diet makes us defective and inadequate.

Therefore, ..we are led to believe that  while we need to make “eating healthy” a number one priority at the same time we must put our diet in the background of our lives,  and spend as little time focusing on that diet as is possible.

First, my life didn’t Stop because I was fat.
I’ve been living my life all during my life, and it didn’t Start because I became normal weight, it just continues on while I engage in my behaviors of choice.

Next, my 5 years of maintaining a large weight-loss, have taught me that unless I want to regain my lost fat,  my dieting must go on forever. I chose to Accept that difficult truth, and I decided to have fun with the ongoing process of Dieting

I choose to Embrace Dieting and all that goes with it.
DietHobby demonstrates how I make Dieting into an Enjoyable Hobby.

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Existing Comments:

On Feb 14, 2011 wrote:
Good idea to think of dieting as a hobby I can't wait to hear more about it.

On Feb 14, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Camille, thanks for dropping by. I look forward to our future discussions.

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