It feels hard because it IS hard.

- POSTED ON: Aug 21, 2011



Weight-loss and Maintenance of weight-loss
feels hard because it IS hard.

How does one get past the desire so satisfy one’s instant desire
enough to stay on track for a long-term goal?

 That’s a tough one.

We might think we want to reach our weight goals more than anything, but sometimes, we obviously don’t…because our behavior shows that we want to use emotional eating as a way to cope MORE.

I find that it helps to engage in positive self-talk and surround oneself with positive images and thoughts. Frequently running my playlist of positive videos helps me do this,and you might find that to be a helpful tool for you as well. 
 This Tool can be found here on DietHobby in the section:
RESOURCES, Words of Wisdom playlist.

The world is full of emotion-causing events, some good, some bad. We have to want to achieve our weight goals
more than we want to feel food in our mouths, taste its deliciousness and feel overly full.

We have to want something else more than we want food.
This is going to be an individual matter, and can be different for everyone.

 Some TIPS to help with the instant gratification issue are:

* Track all your food in a computer software program,
like DietPower or something similar.

* Only have a small portion of a food one craves.

* Have none at all of a food one craves IF it is going to trigger a binge; 
un away from the danger zone where temptation exists.

* Choose an eating plan and work to stick to it,
whether it is 3 meals a day and no snacks; 
or a larger amount of mini-meals; or counting calories or carbs; or etc. 

* Drink plenty of water and zero calorie beverages.

* Make sure you always get enough protein.

* ALWAYS order small, and before you begin eating,
put part of it in a to-go box.

* Use small plates and small bowls.

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Existing Comments:

On Aug 21, 2011 kimberchick wrote:
I haven't yet sat down and gone through all of your blog posts so I will have to say "of all the posts I've read so far, this is definitely my favorite" :) It is so concise yet positive and I LOVE that you have the link to your words of wisdome playlist - can't wait to listen to that! I also really like the tips laid out here...yes I am going to bookmark this particular post to reread daily :) Thank you! I look forward to speaking w/you later <3

On Aug 21, 2011 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimberchick. Glad you are finding this helpful.

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