Trust a Few

- POSTED ON: Jul 15, 2011


"Trust a few" are words contained in today's video.
Sound advice, but it does raise the question...
....who are the few that I can trust?.......

An analysis of this question could begin
with one's close family circle,
moving out to friends,
and then expand to acquaintances,
and finally to others such as well-known authorities and experts.

 Sometimes we think of Trust as a Totality,
when actually it is a matter of degree and situation.

I like to think of myself as trustworthy,
and I would never steal money from you,
but you might not be wise to leave me alone in your house
with a box of your favorite chocolates.

You might be able to trust the accuracy of my opinion
about weight-loss, diet, calories, food-intake,
but you would be unwise to do so
regarding issues such as how electricity works,
or what makes a vehicle operational.

 There are many nutritional and diet experts,
and many of them give opposing advice.
Each of us must distinguish, and choose for ourselves,
who are the few that we can individually trust.

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