And the Secret is ...

- POSTED ON: Mar 25, 2017

Weight-loss & Maintenance Diets only work when they fit YOUR lifestyle
The secret is that Dieting has to be Sustainable for You, Personally.

Whatever the Weight-loss & Maintenance Diet,
it only works if you do it.
It only works while you are doing it.

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On Mar 26, 2017 oolala53 wrote:
Just got a blurb from Brad Pilon saying the same thing, which is one reason I allow his emails. I'd say a corollary is that it has to feel worth the sacrifice for that individual. I'm not willing to do what some others are, and vice versa. I'll take my lumps and my fat-until I don't.

On Mar 26, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             HI oolala. ......."It has to feel worth the sacrifice for that individual"............. is so very true. Everyone doesn't value the same things in the same way. For some.... like me.... the pleasurable taste of food has an extremely high value. Some believe that "Thin" equals "Health" or "Beauty" which causes them to place an extremely high value on thinness. The cost & benefits of the trade-off depend on our individual values.

On Mar 28, 2017 Kae wrote:
so much truth here! I've recently decided to change my current diet (from a weekly cheat day to a bi-weekly cheat day) and I'm well aware that it has to be a change I can live with .. which if I'm honest I'm still processing :) it is my hope that I won't experience this small change as too restrictive .. especially since it is my desire to eventually limit myself to just 1 cheat day per month :P

On Mar 28, 2017 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimber, Only YOU can decide what works for you. It will be interesting to see whether your new plan helps long-term.

On Apr 10, 2017 gnelson651 wrote:
I was watching a YouTube video "How Do We Know What to Eat Drink (and Take)? " with Dr. Robert Baron, UCSF Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Graduate and Continuing Medical Education. He said something regarding the different dieting programs available. Most of the different diets all worked within the USDA recommended daily allowance for fats, carbs, etc which are in the ranges that fall into these diets. Some diets may fall on the extreme side of these ranges either way of RDA's but in the final analysis they all work. One just has to decide which diet one can live with and pursue that diet as a lifestyle. Vegan, Paleo, Atkins etc all prescribe basically Michael Pollan's "Simple Food Rules" suggests: eat real food, not too much, mostly fruits and vegetables. Dr Baron stated "if you can't make the best choice, make the better choice."

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