Diet Fix - Dieting Myth #01: People Lack Willpower

- POSTED ON: Jan 02, 2011

Dieting Myth #1:

People Lack Willpower

Dr. Freedhoff says:

The first myth of modern day dieting is that willpower is required. Yet people often spend more willpower on weight management than any other area of their lives.

Has there really been an epidemic global loss of willpower over the course of the past 60 years? I don't think so. We as a society haven't changed, the world around us has.

In this day and age, and in this toxic food environment, weight struggles aren't a willpower issue, they're as Yale's Dr. David Katz would put it, a skillpower issue.

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Existing Comments:

On Jun 01, 2014 oolala53 wrote:
I have NEVER thought this down deep. I knew from the old days that I could exert a tremendous amount of willpower all day long, only to slip with a few bites that ended up stalling me in a very discouraging way. I knew I was using much more discipline than the average naturally-thin person who was not plagued by thoughts of eating for hours on end. Even before I read Roy F. Baumeister, I believed one of his assertions: that we should never assume people who don't control their eating haven't tried very,very hard. Personally, I think they've tried too hard at the wrong things, some of which Freedhoff addresses. Of course, you'll guess I have some problems with some of his rules, and they are ones we've disagreed on before, but I'm still feeling a lot of people will find value in pickin' up what he's puttin' down! It's certainly better than 99% of the 37,000 diet books on Amazon. He points out many of my reasons for diet prejudice in chapter 1. And I really like his term "traumatic dieting."

On Jun 01, 2014 Dr. Collins wrote:
             oolala, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I agree that Dr. Freedhoff's book is 99% better than most diet books, and that is why I chose to put the Diet Fix book review and videos under BookTalk where it can easily be found for discussion. I highly respect his expertise and insight, and although I don't agree with all of his conclusions and recommendations, I enjoy learning about them. Overall, I found the book helpful.

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