Photoshop Surprise

- POSTED ON: Nov 01, 2013



Adobe Photoshop is a piece of software that can be used to do many amazing things with images and photos. One amazing thing it can do is "re-proportioning" which is shown in the short video at the bottom of this post.

Watch this video and keep it in mind when viewing fashion or fitness magazines. This is a common practice.

The images we see on billboards and in magazines are not real. Comparing ourselves to those unreal images is like comparing a real person to a cartoon.

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On Oct 31, 2013 sad wrote:
This is so screwed up. As if we didnt have enough body issues from the live models size 0 and calling size 6 a 'plus size' model. Being able to airbrush wasnt enough now they are giving us total reconstructions so you cant even recognize the model who is under there.

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