Weight Range Maintenance Plan Changes Again

- POSTED ON: Apr 29, 2013

I recently made changes to my Weight Range Maintenance Plan.

Previously the top black "Unacceptable" area was 126 lbs and over,
       (now the "Unacceptable" area is 130 lbs and over);
and the red "LoseWeight" area was 125-120,
(now the "LoseWeight" area is 129-126 lbs)

The use of a visual image is an effective way to set specific goal-weight-range numbers into my mind and heart.
I tell about how I created this graphic, and why, in a previous article, "Setting A Goal Range". 
See that article to see the original chart and the maintenance weights that I originally set for myself.

Over time I've adjusted the graphic to reflect my current realities.  See "Change in my Weight Range Maintenance Plan" for my previous changes to these numbers and the reason for making them. 

During this entire past year, despite consistent and continual ongoing low-calorie eating, together with keeping accurate daily records of my food intake in the computer food journal DietPower,  my weight has refused to drop down to my former maintenance levels. 

My body will not allow me to be as active here in my late 60s, and it also appears to need a great deal LESS food than it did in past years. Therefore I am again changing my Weight Range Maintenance Plan to reflect my current reality.

  See "Records: My Past 8 Years" for a detailed understanding of the relationship between my food-intake and my body-weight.  I am still keeping these type of records, and one of these days, I will do another post with updated information.

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Existing Comments:

On Apr 30, 2013 TexArk wrote:
I just have to tell you again how much I appreciate your sharing all your records with us. You know I am in the same situation and it really helps to see the data from someone else. I am currently 3 lbs. above the top BMI for me and have been there for about 3 months. This is a weight that was always 15-20 lbs. above what I considered acceptable and what I used to be able to maintain for nearly 5 years. It is impossible now. Like you, I cannot eat any less. I also think it must be because I am older and because of some injuries, etc. I cannot be as active. Let's just hope we can hang on at this upper level. I don't have body image problems; I just know that weight gain can creep up and I have to be diligent. Thank you for all your good articles and encouragement.

On Apr 30, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, Thanks for sharing those kind words. It is very difficult to watch an ongoing weight creep occur while keeping consistent and accurate records of low-calorie food intake. More and more I understand how frequently this happens and how it tends to make even the Most Dedicated end the process of tracking their weight, shortly thereafter a follow-up decision usually comes -- to simply "eat healthy" and stop tracking their food intake as well... which, of course tends to result in an unwatched, but a faster weight gain. When (and if) the motivation and decision to "Diet" again returns, such people blame themselves totally, and continues to believe the illusion that IF ONLY they had dieted more faithfully, they would have lost more, and more easily maintained their weight-loss. In past years, I've seen this in myself, and currently I am seeing it again and again in others. The TRUTH about long-term maintenance of weight-loss, is hard for anyone to believe -- including me --, especially since it is seldom addressed, and almost never admitted by anyone. This is one reason why I value many of the articles about the subject which I've saved here in the DietHobby Archives.

On Apr 30, 2013 TexArk wrote:
Ah yes...throw away the scale...eat healthy...get moderate exercise...and all will be well. Show me anyone who has been morbidly obese, lost weight, and been able to maintain this way. I haven't seen it. And as you have posted from their blogs, we can see those who are gaining back their loss but are still in denial. I have been there before and do not intend to go that way again. I will continue to weigh daily. I will still monitor how much I eat. I may not track every day like you do, but I am measuring out my food and paying attention. I know I cannot trust my eyes. I track enough to know that I am not averaging more than 1000 calories a day. A few days each week I have a very low calorie day...about 500 calories. Yesterday was one of those. Those low days help average out the 1500 calorie days I might have once or twice a week. And just to make sure, every so often I will track all food for a month. Maybe we can show some by example that it can be done and we can be happy doing it!

On Apr 30, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             TexArk, people don't want to believe unpleasant truths, and unfortunately the difficulty of maintenance after a large weight-loss is one. My own position is that a "slow creep" is far better than a galloping gain, and due to my own advanced age, if I can keep on doing what I have been doing, my own life won't be long enough for the creep to make my body morbidly obese again. This is probably NOT sufficient motivation for EVERYONE to continue on with the effort and focus that it takes to keep from eating more than one's body uses. =)

On May 11, 2013 rroush wrote:
This looks an awful lot like my current maintenance plan (though I would much prefer to be in between the green and blue numbers). I think it's cool that you and I have similar weights and weight goals even if we manage it differently. :)

On May 11, 2013 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Rebecca, I very much enjoy watching your running, strength training, swimming, horseback riding, and even how you work a million hours a month. I know that you also spend quite a lot of time watching your food intake. You are still a young woman, but despite our age difference, I've been inspired by you many times, and I expect that this will continue to be the case. =)

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