What's REALLY the Problem?

- POSTED ON: Feb 17, 2013

We need to maintain Focus
on our Behavior 
 - - - - - - - (eating)

rather than on Results 
 - - - - - - - (weight-loss)

Our weight is not the problem.
It’s our eating that’s the problem

My weight is not my problem.
It’s one of the EFFECTS of my problem.

My problem is I eat more food than my body needs.

Not more than somebody else’s body needs.

More than MY body needs.

Not more than my body used to need when I was younger or more

More than my body needs NOW.

Not more than my body WOULD NEED IF I had different genes and metabolism.

More than my body needs with the genes and metabolism that I have.

 That’s why there’s extra weight on it.        

My above post reflects thoughts and attitudes that I've shared here at DietHobby over and over, and my words here  contain a paraphrase of an online post I recently ran across by someone who quoted a UK addiction counselor, Gillian Riley.  As a result of discovering that she appears to have an attitude quite similar to mine, I have purchased a Kindle edition of her latest book "Ditching Diets", and am checking out her website. Most of you know that ... as a part of my dieting hobby .... I read many, many diet books, and it is possible that after reading it, I might review it or share more of my thoughts about it.

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