The Truth

- POSTED ON: Nov 05, 2012

The truth is that a great many people don't want to hear the Truth.
They want to hear what makes them comfortable

Due to the frequency and high-visability of advertising by Marketing Interests … which includes medical professionals, as well as the numerous books and programs involving diets and “anti-diets”…, people have come to expect to hear Magical Solutions to problems involving the issues of Food, Eating, and Obesity.

Very often, people don't want to be confronted, challenged or questioned, and they definitely don't want to have to change their Beliefs, Behaviours or Habits. It’s too uncomfortable and too inconvenient…. And too much work. Sometimes one can be fine with the truth just as long as it doesn't mean that one has to modify or interrupt one’s life in any significant way.

Instead of being open to learning some valuable truth, truth that could change one’s reality for the better, often many people can become defensive, critical and angry. Acknowledging certain things might mean that a person would have to change their belief system.

One might even have to give up some favorite Fantasies,
Such as their SOMEDAY achievment of:

  • 6 pack abs;
  • a lithe, slender body;
  • or a lean physique;
  • or even the idea that one can forever look and feel youthful.

One might have to accept that
... in order to achieve a body that is just somewhere around normal weight,... 
a person will have to behave differently, and change their way of eating food ... FOREVER.
And behaving differently is not an easy thing for anyone to do, even when it’s only for a short time. 

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Existing Comments:

On Nov 05, 2012 wrote:
Hi Phyllis, This blog is so spot on! Changing ones belief system is probably the most difficult thing for anyone to do. However, it can be done after much deliberation and soul searching by an individual confronting the fact that something is not working for them, and that individuals ability to accept a change. We have to be aware that our bodies and their specific needs change over time due to the aging process. We are not all the same, and one size does not fit all, so what worked for us a year ago may not work today. Everyday is a challenge to find something that meets our physical and psychological needs, and that we are comfortable with mainly because we live in the 'now', this very moment. There is no 'past', only memories, and there is no 'future', as it is unpredictable. Learn to accept change and you will have a happy life.

On Nov 06, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi John, So true.

On Nov 05, 2012 kimberchick wrote:
Interesting article and interesting comment from John ... because right now I'm smack dab in the middle of a process (CPT) designed to change one's belief system! And so I feel confident in agreeing with you and John in that it is extremely difficult to change but also 100% possible. I'm working on change ... for the better ... every day :-)

On Nov 06, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks, kimberchick, Good thinking.

On Nov 05, 2012 jethro wrote:
Dr. Collins, it's so refreshing to read your comments. Deep down I've always felt the same way as you but for some reason I succumbed to diet charlatans. This article reinforces my resolve to pursue what works for me. Keep up the good work.

On Nov 06, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Jethro for your kind words.

On Nov 06, 2012 rroush wrote:
It is amazingly easy to deceive ourselves. Much more difficult to face the truth. It definitely takes courage to do the latter!

On Nov 06, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Yes, Rebecca, Absolutely! =)

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