A Beautiful Woman

- POSTED ON: Oct 04, 2012

Beauty is Not Age Related
This morning I saw an anti-aging ad for a moisturizer
which told me that I need to fight aging on 3 different levels.

I don’t think so.

What does a beautiful old woman look like?
  See Mother Teresa.
The wrinkles of character that Time gives to a woman are Beautiful.

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Existing Comments:

On Oct 05, 2012 rroush wrote:
What a wonderful message you are sending! My new tattoo has a triskelion (with spirals instead of legs) as one part of it. The 3 spirals can be interpreted many ways, but one of them is maiden, mother, crone. All three spirals are equal in size and shape and all three just represent different points in a woman's life. All three should be equally respected and anticipated. Since aging is inevitable and there is no fountain of youth, getting messages that say otherwise from the media only leads to sadness, shame, and feelings of worthlessness. Amen to dismissing those messages!

On Oct 05, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Thanks Rebecca. I saw the runner tattoo you had done on the upper side of your back, in your Facebook picture. It looked quite red, and really painful. Call me one of these days and tell me more about it.

On Oct 11, 2012 kimberchick wrote:
I want to be a little old lady when I grow up :-) I think women who age naturally and gracefully are beautiful <3 That said ... I'll continue to dye my hair until I'm at least 65 lol

On Oct 11, 2012 Dr. Collins wrote:
             Hi Kimber, I think that its important for each of us to give ourselves permission to be the one who ultimately makes the choice on how to deal with our own personal appearance... at every age. We are Acceptable at every age and at every size.

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