Power of Habits

- POSTED ON: Mar 09, 2012


A book I talked about recently, 

"The Power of Habit" (2012) by Charles Duhigg, says:

"This is how willpower becomes a habit;
by choosing a certain behavior ahead of time,
and then following that routine when an inflection point arrives."

I was unfamiliar with that term, so I looked it up.
An inflection is defined as a deviation from a straight or normal course;

a variation that deviates from the standard or norm.
So an Inflection Point is when a change in one's normal situation takes place.

This book's statement confirms what I have previously learned:
that in matters of weight control, It's important to plan ahead;
to visualize a way to handle potential problem situations:
and then, when problems arise,
to follow through with the visualized plan
despite the existence of those difficulties.

However, before reading the above-quoted statement,
I had not considered my previous knowledge
to be a part of the habit building function.

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